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Closing Slubird Vintage

After a lot of reflection on the subject, I've decided to close my vintage shop.

I have loved buying, photographing, listing, and finding amazing new owners for all the pieces I have encountered, but with the overwhelming success of Branchbound with Heartsy and the Chicago Cultural Center, as well as my day job's long hours, I can't devote the time to my vintage shop anymore when I'm not making the sales I am at Branchbound. It has taken top priority in my life for now. I still love vintage and will always have a place in my heart for it, but I think the past few months it has become more of a chore than an interest for me. I can always open another shop some day (who knows, maybe I'll list the occasional item at Branchbound?), but right now my focus needs to be on my other shop. I also plan on selling some of my unlisted items on consignment with Rachel of MouseVox Vintage, who is kind enough to work with me while I make this transition.

The part I'm sure you'll be happy about is I'm having a store closing sale through June 12th. Everything is already half off, so grab whatever you've been eying cos soon it will be gone.

Thank you for all the support you've given me and my vintage shop! I would have never have lasted this long without you all giving me the drive to continue.


Branchbound on Heartsy

Heartsy - Daily deals on fabulous handmade items, at least 50% off.

The day has finally come...my Heartsy deal is up! It's up today for VIPs and tomorrow for everyone else. After Friday this deal will not be available, and my vouchers could all sell out before then, so be sure to snatch one up soon if you are so inclined! It's good for 3 months and can be used towards shipping. You can even split it up for different purchases if you like. Use my referral link by clicking on the above graphic and you'll get $5 after your first voucher purchase, too!

I've been awful about updating the blog with all the new goodies over at Branchbound these days, here's a sampling (maybe you might want to use your voucher on one of these?):


Wardrobe Remix for 05.10.11



silver earrings - my mother's
striped tee - Old Navy
denim shorts - Target
orange sandals - Urban Outfitters


It's in the mid-80s today and I am ecstatic. I'm hot and soooo happy! Shortly I am having margaritas and Mexican food. Partly to enjoy the weather and partly to celebrate my big news...

The Chicago Cultural Center will be selling Branchbound jewelry very soon!

This is an amazing opportunity for me and my shop and I am over the moon! My dad posted the news on Facebook before I got to, ha. Also I have a Heartsy deal coming next week, I'll be sure to post it! Busy busy month for Branchbound.

I'll leave you with this AWESOME photo of me and Seymour. Look at his mouth, haha.

oh my god look at his face