Retrospecticus: 2010

It's the last day of 2010! How this year flew by; seems like just yesterday I was in Lawrence, Kansas preparing for my NYE dinner party with Michael. This year has brought me lots of wealth in many ways than one; I received a promotion and raise at my day job, my Etsy stores have been a success, I've started selling my jewelry and vintage at pop-up shops. I've become more confident as a sales person and as a jewelry artist. And perhaps the best event of 2010 is that Michael, the love of my life, moved to Chicago!

As most do at this time of year I am reflecting on goals I made for myself for this year. From the blog, let's revisit:

Resolutions and Goals for 2010

• Get up 15 minutes earlier every day (outfit photo + get together lunch + not have to run to the bus)

I'm not getting up earlier, but cutting my hair has also cut down my morning routine!

• Take outfit photos way more often (see previous)
• Update blog at least every other day

Eep. Maybe this is why I'm not late to work as much? I'll try harder next year!

• Get a lot more stock for both my etsy stores

Yes! I also remember telling Michael I'd like to hit 100 sales in my vintage shop before my birthday, which I also did. :)

• Save money so I can go to L.A. in March and Boston/Salem in September or October with Michael

Yeah, neither of those happened. But I *did* do to Madison in Febuary, a bonus trip to Lawrence in July, and New York City in May so I did get out of the state!

• Make solid, fashionable attempt to wear pants more often

I am wearing pants more often! I just never photograph it. ;)

• Only buy shoes that are durable, comfortable, and stylish

Except for a stupid purchase here and there (it's hard to justify spending more than $20 on novelty heels!) I've been pretty good about this.

• Get rid of even more stuff

I got rid of A LOT when I moved...of course now I accumulated some more. Ha.

• Buy a better sewing machine and learn how to sew (this is not likely, but I'm still putting it on here)

I did NOT buy a new sewing machine, however I DID learn to sew! Or at least hem. Thanks to Alma and her sewing machine. :)

Goals for 2011? Let's see:

• Travel! Travel travel travel. I started tearing up on the bus to work this morning, frustrated at how badly I need to leave Chicago for a little while. Ugh.

• Sew my first garment from scratch.

• Try to relax, be less insecure about myself and my relationships, and remember that I am loved.

• Get my driver's license, or at least renew my learner's permit.

• Spend less money on clothes and more on experiences and pampering myself (massage, anyone?)

• Maybe get another kitty friend for Seymour!

At the risk of this being too long, I'm going to post photos from a few of my favourite moments in 2010, and wish you all a happy, healthy 2011. Thanks for sticking with this blog, I hope to be even better about updating it next year! I love all of my readers. :)


Wardrobe Remix for 12.19.10


sequin leaf headband - UO
black cardigan - Target
green and gold 50s dress - Etsy
black tights - Target
shiny black flats - Target


Sunday Michael and I went to go see the Nutcracker at the Auditorium Theater, this is what I wore. I also wore this dress last weekend to Michael's holiday party. I've been searching for a green cocktail dress for Christmastime for YEARS and I was searching Etsy about a month ago, willing to shell out up to $70 or so, but everything was too small, too large, had a pattern on it, SOMETHING. Finally I see a green dress in my size*, the perfect length, nipped waist, etc. for TEN BUCKS. It was fantastic! There is some wear to the dress; a few of the copper beads at the bust are missing and there's a hole here and there but it's nothing very noticeable. It even has a crinoline in the skirt!

*the bust was actually a bit big but my friend Alma helped me take it in.


I've also noticed that since I cut my hair, while I can no longer wear my vintage hats (they overwhelm my tiny head!) I look so much better with headbands! I saw this one at UO last Spring and wanted to die, it looked like a weird little 20s hat. It was $24, ugh. But I waited and waited and FINALLY it went down to $6! It's the perfect little bit of sparkle for this time of year.

Anyway, enough of my bargain hunting. We headed off to the theater, got there pretty early. Michael checked in on Four Square and it said he got a free hot chocolate for checking in there! What! So I joined For Square just to get a free hot chocolate...haha. Well it was GOOD hot chocolate. We get inside, drinking our hot chocolate in the lobby, waiting for the upstairs to open. There's a choir (that sings at the end of the first act) warming up and singing Christmas Carols. We then get to our seats, which were box seats! We had this gorgeous plush chairs and we could see all of the theater from our seats. It was seriously like we were royalty.

The show itself was lovely; the acoustics are so good in that theater I could hear the dancers' feet on the stage! I get so emotional waiting the ballet, especially the Nutcracker. I danced for 7 years 9 months out of the year so it was a giant chunk of my childhood. The Nutcracker was always my favourite, I would watch various versions every year around Christmastime and on Christmas Eve I would ALWAYS wear my ballet shoes, hehe.

Michael and I might be coming back in February for Swan Lake *and* Merry Widow! I can't wait!

cute couple!


Ballet Dresses

On Sunday Michael and I will be attending the Joffrey Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker at the Auditorium Theater! The Auditorium Theater is one of the most beautiful buildings in Chicago, built in 1889, with gorgeous Art Nouveau interior and amazing acoustics. Michael and I saw Cinderella, also from the Joffrey Ballet, there in February. I've also seen a few concerts there. If you are ever in Chicago try to get a tour of it!

Of course, the hardest thing is figuring out what to wear! It's easy in the summer, as most cute dresses are sleeveless and don't require any further layering, but winter is a bit more difficult. I'm still not sure what I'll be wearing yet but I'm doing a bit of fantasy shopping...

all from Modcloth

Shop Ruche

What would you wear to the ballet?


Shop Update: New Shoes And Bags

What a month December is shaping out to be! I've been so unbelievably stressed out; being a manager of a frame shop and running two Etsy shops is not easy during the holiday season! Not to mention my extreme exhaustion due to the crazy cold and snow, myriad of holiday parties of which I have been in attendance, and my computer dying for two days (it's fine! For now...). But I've been trying like a super busy bee to update my shops, even though it has cut into my blogging time (along with everything else). I have even more goodies coming, as well as a lot of new Branchbound items, but here's Friday's update at Slubird- shoes and purses!

Bisque Leather Ankle Boots With Stacked Wooden Heel, Brown Ballet Flats With Grosgrain Ribbons Size 8

Salvatore Ferragamo Cognac Leather Suede Emblem Loafers, Black Leather Ankle Boots With Flannel Lining Size 8

Cognac Leather T-Strap Shoes Size 7.5, Powder White Deadstock Basketweave Oxfords Size 8

Bright Blue Pebbled Round Shoulder Purse, Crocodile Patterned Satchel With Removable Strap

Amber Floral Tapestry Shoulder Bag, Neutral Stripes and Brass Arrows 70s Oversized Clutch

Navy Quilted Shoulder Purse with Gold Chain