This week I'm sticking with one thing and devoting a whole blog entry to it. That's how much I love it!

really long earrings - Edie Sedgwick did one thing right, absurdly long earrings. Different shapes, layers, materials. I love it! The bigger the better, I say. Piddly earrings don't help anyone, I like big earrings. They are a statement and I love how much oomph they give a t-shirt and jeans outfit. Playing with jewelry is also a fun way to experiment with your wardrobe that won't cost you an arm and a leg. I think big earrings work with any hairstyle, too; short and long, straight and curly. I love having giant ones burrowed in my red curls.


• Gold and silver go with everything, and everyone can wear one or both metals.
• Contrast with your hair color. Dark hair? Go for silver, white, ivory, gold or red. If you are blonde go for something with bronze or black in it. I have noticed with my red that neutrals work best. I stick with gold and silver with hints of black myself.
• Go with your gut. If you see a pair that you love but think "oh they might be too much," just get them! You can always play them up or play them down, hide them in your hair if it goes past your chin, etc.
• Notice how the texture of the jewelry goes with your hair's texture.
• Don't wear a necklace or a giant belt. The earrings are enough of an accessory. Though feel free to match/compliment your earrings with eye/lip colour when going out.

Some pairs to get you started:

from Forever 21

from Etsy

from Anthropologie


shameless promotion

I am selling some stuff on ebay. Take a look.



Pandora Internet Radio - I didn't know this site existed for so long. At first I enjoyed the novelty of it. Heck, I think this site got me to finally use my (sometimes WTF) iTunes Genius feature. However, the amount of ads that I'm sure were not there when people began heralding its praise are obnoxious. The music veers off into weird paths- I started once with Mew and it started playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Ratt. And, the icing on this shit cake, after 40 hours in a month you have to pay for this bullshit! The odds of listening to something on the atrocity known as the radio are better. Convert to last.fm radio, people.

Cropped Pants - Cropped pants ONLY look okay if they are jeans or black, very very fitted, and you are Audrey Hepburn. On everyone else, such as frumpy moms and curvy women who like to dress in unflattering clothes for some reason, these make you look fat and stupid. How would these cool your legs, if that is the reasoning? I can't imagine any other purpose. Make you look taller? No, they aren't fitted capris (which are not at trial here at all). And they definitely aren't the perfect bottoms to compliment your ugly running shoes. Ugh.

Waiting for Mad Men Season 3 - Ahhhhh this wait is killing me! The season 2 finale was probably the best episode of the series in my opinion, even better than the much-praised first season finale. The closest resemblance to spoilers I can find are in these two articles: here and here (and be sure to click on the picture link in the latter).

In the meantime, make a cartoonized Mad Men version of yourself here. Here's mine:


Wardrobe Remix for 07.25.09


My friend Whitney (at nice face...click on that link right now and buy her stuff cos she's the best!) hemmed this and another dress for me because she is a great seamstress and a right gal. I've had this dress since high school and waited forever to get it hemmed. Thanks Whitney!

necklace (bunches of silver leaves, better pic below) - f21
toile patterned dress - thrifted
gold sandals - target

07.25.09 detail

Necklace and dress pattern and my muggo.


Things I Love Thursday

iced coffee - Once the temperature begins to climb (even as mild as it has been in ole Chicago), my preferred early morning method of caffeination (which isn't a word apparently) gets put on ice. Dunkin Donuts is my favourite, and I'm pretty stoked there's one less than a block away from my house. I've begun to crave it at night, too, which may be a problem. But there's always decaf.
white wrist-length gloves - I've been obsessed with finding a pair. Vintage and thrift stores, if they even have any, are too dirty or long or small for my hands. I'm trying to think how functional they would serve in daily life...maybe I should get a grey or black pair instead to keep off the filth from the train and bus!
holding stuff out for animals to smell - Most of my life I have lived with at least one furry purry or woof-woof and because of this I spend a lot of time alone and bored with an also bored animal. Since they almost always stare at me while I use some device or apply something to my personage, I like to hold it in front of them for them to smell it. I get oddly satisfied when they smell it for a long period of time, and their "ewewew" faces are also pretty cute. Facts I have learned: Sophie, my English Springer Spaniel loves snot (and eats used tissues), Seymour (my British Shorthair Cat) likes to lick all kinds of plastic, and both prefer things with a chemical stink than things that smell fruity or floral.
Weeds - Netflix finally tossed season 4 disc 1 my way today, so I watched one before work. What a great show! It has the storyline and tension of a drama, but lighthearted enough of a comedy that I can watch it for hours straight (and have!). Brilliant. (By the way I am running out of television shows...)
eBay - If you are looking for something specific and mass-produced eBay is heaven! Things I have purchased from eBay in the last few months at a fraction of the cost it would have been in-store: memory card, cell phone case, hinged wallet, EZ Combs, American Apparel shirt, American Apparel tote bag, and disposable fountain pens. Free shipping on pretty much everything, too. And you know how much I hate paying for shipping by now right?



We here at Tzipporit Industries have decided to implement a new weekly feature in addition to TILT. As anyone who knows me IRL can vouch, I am an angry person and I hate a lot of things. This is how Things I Hate Tuesday is born. Yet, I, the eternal optimist, has decided to cap the hate at 3 items a week, since I am choosing not to accentuate the negative (unlike the name of my monthly column as editor-in-chief of the school rag).

"Plastic Bag" Sandals - Gladiator sandals are annoying enough, and I cannot express my incredulity at their reappearance this summer, but these sandals seriously look like you are wearing a plastic bag with toe holes. I saw them in many-a-store (these nasties are from ModCloth, Wet Seal, and Piperlime, respectively), but I actually have seen a few people wearing them over the course of the last few weeks. Isn't the point of sandals to make your feet feel and look cool in the summer heat, not trapped in a weird web of misshapen material?

And for the record, this is what people look like wearing them:

When I greet someone and they don't respond. I work in a retail job, and previously I worked in a gallery, both jobs that require me to say hello to everyone who comes inside. Most people reply back with a simple "Hello," some with a "How are you?" or questions pertaining to the business they are visiting. And a few people simply just do not hear me for whatever reason, which I shrug off. But there are people who, for some reason, I say "Hello" to, and they look me straight in the eye, unsmiling, mind you, and then look away. Don't they realize a mere smile or one syllable word is what is keeping them on that side of the RUDE line?

Paying for shipping - Now, I know I'm cheap as hell, so even the idea of paying for sales tax irritates me at times, but paying for shipping? That is obnoxious, especially if it's a chain like, say, Target. The only reason I am buying things off of the website instead of at such a store is because they do not keep things in stock! My trick - $50 gets you free shipping, right? Buy some stuff you can return to get up the the $50 mark, then return it once you get the items in. You get refunded for the item and the tax you paid for, so it's like you bought what you're keeping in the store. Now that's fabulously cheap. And don't even get me started on people who overcharge on etsy and ebay.


Two Wardrobe Remix Outfits


Graduation party! If only I wasn't too lazy to have ironed that dress.

yellow trench dress - f21
brown heeled wedges - thrifted


long silver filigree earrings - f21
black 3/4 shirt - target
mint-coloured skirt - thrifted
black flats - target


Things I Love Thursday

First TILT post! I plan to cap myself at 5 so as to be consistent and not blather on and on some week I am in love with the world. If it's that great it'll be it's own post, right?

good hair days I wish I had these more often! Nothing so good as knowing your bangs are perfect just so.

Berlin When I was having freakout "I'll never find a job so I'll have to move" times in January, I was totally checking the job and apartment listings for Berlin. I think it's been embedded in the back of my brain ever since. Visiting there last year I was surprised at what it was like. Every depiction I've had of it has been pre-WWII (Cabaret) or East Berlin after the wall was up (Hedwig and the Angry Inch). To my surprise, it was like the best parts of a big American city (new stuff, big parks, big in general, bit of a melting pot, plenty of nightspots/museums/stores, fab zoo, most people spoke English [I'm not a douche but it helped!]) and the best parts of a big European city (tons of history, old buildings, great public transportation) but not too touristy. While there I regretted not being able to spend more time at various museums, art galleries, and just walking around. German culture, all around, just fascinates me. Its history is varied and eclectic. I feel like, as a people, it is a culture I would feel most comfortable being a part of the population. I have been tossing the idea around to some of my closest darlings and I'm hoping one day we can uproot and ship off!

(Also I broke my own rule here about blathering...deal with it.)

the library Even though the ones I go to in Chicago have some idiotic people working there, and some very douchey "customer service" from a few librarians, I can't beat free fucking books! And I'm saying this the one time in months the book I'm currently reading is not from the library!

red nailpolish Like, really red. The best red I have found, which I caved and bought today, is Milani's Ready To Wear Red. There's no weird pink or orange undertones, and it's not maroon. It's just. RED. I may even paint my fingers, which I rarely do, since I don't work for the next few days and this is definitely my favourite colour in who-knows-how-long.

writing in a blog again I had various livejournals from 2001-present, but around late 2008 I stopped writing in mine. I have my photography blog, which just turned into a depressing memorial of my Not Doing Anything. Then it took me ages to actually just start this one up. I'm not the biggest fan of writing anymore, but it is nice to have a solid place to put all my thoughts/opinions/ideas.


Watch Me For The Changes

Still working out the kinks but I'm finally starting out this blog! It's a temporary layout, obviously, once I can be arsed to make a neat little header and color code and things.

Goals for this waste of space:

• Wardrobe Remix pictures - because I need another place to paste my muggo
• pictures/links/reviews of neat products, attire, housewares, and styles I find/make
• how-tos for who knows what (or doesn't know, I guess!)
• inspiration in whatever form
• TILT - because I try to be positive
• the occasional rant - because I'm an angry person in a big city!

Until I make a ~*kooky graphic*~,