Belated Shop Update, Sale, and Giveaway!

I listed a few new goodies over at Slubird, but then I got really sick...so of course I forgot to let you all know about it! D'oh. I also have a ton of goodies that hopefully I will shoot and list within the next week or so.

Annie Oakley Brown Leather Like Belt With Silver Buckle, Mermaidesque Hot Pink Shell Stretch Belt

Think Positive Set of Four Yellow and Silver 60s Glasses, Night At The Opera Black Velvet Bracelet Sleeve Coat

Midnight Blue Straw Pillbox Hat With Velvet Ribbon and Net, Navy Blue Velvet Cap With Netting and Grosgrain Ribbon

All of these goodies and more is 20% off with code 111SALE at checkout! Hurry, this sale will only run through Sunday.

Also, do you want to win a $15 gift card to Branchbound? You do?! Then you should enter the giveaway I'm hosting at MousevoxVintage's blog! This also runs through Sunday.


Wardrobe Remix for 01.15.11


Black Beaded Necklace - Target
Beaded Sweater - Old Navy
Jersey Floral Print Dress - Forever 21
Black Fleece-Lined Tights - Target
Steven Madden "Intyce" Boots in Cognac - ShoeMall.com


Saturday Michael and I did a bit of shopping down town. I also went shopping Friday, which is when I picked up this dress! It's so comfy and I've been looking for a black and floral print dress. I've also really been drawn to pinks and oranges lately.


I was off early Friday, as well as both days this weekend, so I painted my nails. This colour is "Commander in Chic" from Sally Henson. It's a really nice shade, goes with everything. I also want to find more clothing in this colour- looks so nice with my skin tone. That's something I've really been paying attention to since I've become a redhead, how colours look with my hair and skin colour. As a pale brunette I figured, and was somewhat right, in thinking I matched everything!


And here he is, toast of the internet, my Seymour. Look at those toes!


First Branchbound Update of 2011




Miu (in ivory)

Miu (in black)



I am ever-approaching 100 sales at Branchbound! I added a new banner, take a look. I have a ton of new stuff to photograph, and I've resumed doing custom orders again. I have a lot of new ideas in the works, too- can't wait to share with all of you.