Tonight Branchbound, my handcrafted jewelry store, launches! Here are a few of my fave pieces:

Bluma, Liluye, and Devorah

Please take a look, let me know what you think! Each item also ships free with any item purchased at Slubird Vintage (whose sale ends tonight!).


Wardrobe Remixes for 11.27.09 and 11.28.09


blue owl earrings - gifted
cowl neck sweater tunic - thrifted
black leggings - Target
grey socks - Target
brown combat boots - Target


lace collar necklace - made by me (identical one to appear in my jewelry shop tomorrow)
black longsleeve tee - Target
khaki shorts - thrifted
wool ribbed stockings - warmlegwear.com
beige oxfords - Aldo

Ah, fake pants. I am currently wearing leggings, and wore them Wednesday too. It's so lazy and almost gross, but they are warm and comfortable. I'm starting to hate jeans, if I may be perfectly honest. The kind of jeans I need to buy for my comfort and body type are so expensive (cough J Brand cough) so $10 leggings are looking good to me. I didn't wear jeans as a child- I was always worried my skin would get caught in the fly, haha. And they were so stiff. So I always wore either dresses, skirts, or leggings. Pretty much like now. I have come full circle.

And yes you read correctly in that second outfit's details; that necklace's twin will be in my jewelry shop! I've got the name, the banner, the photographs edited. I just gotta list everything, which I hope to do tomorrow along with a long-overdue shop update. I'm excited! I hope you all like the pieces I've been working on, I'm really proud of them.

And just another reminder, the sale in my shop is still going on!


Day After Black Friday

I hope everyone out there survived Black Friday. I, for one, was at work from 9a to 8p (yuck) but I survived intact. I've never been one to care about Black Friday. I have don't recall checking the sales fliers in anticipation as I have had no need for doorbusters. I know a few vintage sellers on etsy went thrifting yesterday and scored big; unfortunately since I worked I missed a lot of sales at the thrifts as well. I did get a fair haul in my hometown on Wednesday, however, and those and the hats I re-shot will make their way over to the shop Monday hopefully. And just a reminder, through Monday at Slubird Vintage a sale is going on: 10% off one item, 15% off two items, and 20% off three or more items.

Another sale I had to take advantage of, thanks to Lindsay, was at Tulle. All weekend the whole site is 50% off with free ground shipping. What? I know! Prices are so low, Forever 21 is blushing. These two cuties will be finding their way into my closet soon:

Also I have a bunch of Holiday cards I would love to send to you fab bloggers, so if you want one email your address to slubird@gmail.com.


Thanksgiving Sale at my Etsy Shop!

thanksgiving sale at slubird vintage

Buy more and save at Slubird Vintage! I will refund you via Paypal after you check out.


New Treasury, Layout, and Some Family History

My new treasury! Femme Fatale. This one was really fun to do, and I've got another fun one coming that I hope to do some time in the next week. Please check it out and leave me a comment!

Also, I totally redid the ole blog, take a look and let me know what you think? The photographs are all the stylish women of my family (all on my mom's side, not saying my dad's is less stylish I just didn't have any photographs handy!). L>R 1st row: aunt Pam, my grandma; 2nd row my cousin Amy, my mom, my grandma again.

My grandma, Betty Lucille (we all called her Betty Lou) was one stylish lady. When she had my mom, her youngest, she was 44 and rode to the hospital in a leopard print dress in a Convertible with the top down. She was born in 1908, so when I was 17 I was so jealous of her being 17 in 1925. Quel glamoreuse, n'est pas? Here are some more pictures of Betty Lou:

far right, I think she looks absolutely stunning here

on the left, I love her suit

Every time I see Pammy she swears I look just like her, but I don't think I'm nearly as pretty. I do dress like her, though, and every time I find a photo of her I want her clothes! She lived to be 81, quite a feat, but unfortunately I wasn't even 3 when she died. I know she and I would have been great friends, my earliest memories are actually of seeing her before she died and she was still as spry and crazy as ever. I never tire of hearing stories about her, too.


Some Current Treasuries

In the Navy

Just a little update letting you all know I made my first etsy treasury the other day: In the Navy! There's some great sellers with items showcasing this marvelous colour.

I'm also in these treasuries by some great ladies:

Pretty Golds, Greens, Reds by House of Hearts
A Bit Romantic by Sea Pinks
The White Queen by Hinterland Vintage (My piece just sold a few minutes ago, it was the white sweaterdress. Great theme, though!)

I am addicted to treasuries! Have you ever made a treasury? What was your theme?

Do What I Say: Hair Edition

image from weheartit.com

I'm starting a new feature here at Tzipporit Industries, "Do What I Say." It is comprised of lists of tips of a relating theme from good ideas and tried-and-true methods I've gathered from a variety of sources that help me in my everyday life that hopefully will do the same for you!

Lately I've had a few friends who have asked for advice relating to haircare and I found myself repeating a few things. It also got me thinking about all the tips and tricks I've gathered over the years. I have done everything to my hair but bleach it, get dreadlocks, or shave it. I've had it from waist-length to pixie cut and I've been dying it for years. Lately, having long, dyed hair forces me to take good care of it, which is why I have all this to share. I'm sure some of these things you have heard before but I figured I'd just share...

• If you trim your own bangs do it not just when they are dry but also when they have been recently cleaned. That way they will be at their highest, keeping you from cutting too much.
• When you wash your hair, use shampoo at the roots to about midlength, skimming down from midlength to roots with just a light amount, and condition mid-length to roots to keep your roots from getting greasy.
• My hair is about six inches past my shoulders and I shampoo and condition every other day. I shampoo but not condition my bangs every day. When I don't wash it I wear a shower cap to keep the rest from getting wet in the shower.
• When my hair was shorter than shoulder length and I wore it curly I would shampoo my hair every other day and condition and rinse every day. That kept my hair from being over clean but the conditioner kept the curls moisturized and restructure what curls had grown limp after the first day.
• Why spend a lot of money on dry shampoo? The active ingredient in most is corn starch, and a giant container of it is 5% of the price of fancy stuff and absorbs a lot of grease (so use sparingly!). Baby powder is a less-absorbent alternative for hair that is just starting to get oily. Rub it into the scalp and work out lightly, just like when you shampoo. Brush your hair as needed, especially if you need to distribute it further.
• If your hair is dyed, the main thing that fades hair colour is not rampant shampooing, but UV rays! Make sure you use a UV protector spray, like L'Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray from their new sulfate-free, vegan, not tested on animals line. It smells amazing, too.
• When I dye my hair red the box always suggests I leave it in for 25 minutes. I always leave it in for at least 40 minutes. It's a darker red for the first week, and then fades into the colour on the box! It doesn't over-process my hair, especially if I make sure to condition thoroughly when rinsing out the dye.
• I blow dry my hair every day so I absolutely have to use a protecting product aside from my styling lotion- and you should, too! I use Tresemme's Heat Tamer Protective Spray. It's cheap and isn't tested on animals!
• Another way to prevent split ends is to put my hair up every time I leave the house. I rarely do my hair in an updo, but I pull my hair into a low chignon before I leave the house (and if it's cold, top it off with a cozy beret). When I get to work or wherever I just undo my hair and viola- no tangles, my hair hasn't poofed up if it's humid, and my hair is nice and soft.
• I also pull my hair back when I sleep into a loose plait. It keeps the hair from getting tangled in my sleep and from my hair's oils irritating my face. I also pin back my bangs for the latter reason.
• When I rinse out my hair in the shower, no matter how painful, I always do a very very cold rinse. It keeps my hair from getting frizzy and ups the shine. It also blocks my follicles from getting nastified by whatever products I put in it- think of it as primer for your locks.
• If you end up getting too much gunk in your hair and it feels limp and gross, do an apple cider vinegar rinse in lieu of your regular shampoo. I dilute 1/2 cup vinegar with 1 1/2 cups filtered warm water and follow by conditioning/cold rinsing as usual. I've never had a problem with it affecting my hair colour, either.

Phew! I hope this list proved helpful. Does anyone have any tricks they would add to my list?


Shop Update, Seymour, and a Treasury!

Last night I added the following ditties to my shop

brocadewiggledress1 blackboots1 coraldress2

Chartreuse and Blue Brocade Wiggle Dress, Black Leather Pixie Booties, Coral and White Day Dress

redhousedress1 blackpatternedskirt2 abstractshirt1

Red and White Housedress, Black Skirt with Abstract Pattern, Jane Colby Geometric Zip-Back Tee

I have some great hats that I was not very pleased with the pictures of, due to awful light. Blech. I may try to rephotograph them on Saturday. I also need to get crackin' on my jewelry store!

Here's my Seymour at my "new" "set":


And before they end, I am in an adorable treasury on etsy, Going on a Date by Oh My Ampersand!, please check it out.


Wardrobe Remix for 11.17.09



roses cardigan - thrifted
black tee underneath - Old Navy
grey wool skirt - thrifted
black cotton stockings - Filene's Basement
green leather shoes - TJ Maxx

Details of the sweater- there's little lace inserts around the neck and cuffs, sequins on some of the flowers, and rhinestone buttons!

sweater deets

To think I almost gave this gem away! It was probably because it's so bright and hard to match with unless I have solids. I never really button up my cardigans, too, but I think I like it, especially on a statement cardigan like this one.



I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while! My friend Erika visited me recently and as we were getting ready to go out I noticed her gorgeous scarf.

erika's scarf

She said to me "Oh thanks! But it's not a scarf, it's actually a skirt."

erika's scarf

erika's scarf

It's a skirt that is ankle-length that she has pinned to give the illusion of a really luxe scarf. Isn't it fabulous? I'm tempted to thrift a big skirt with a great pattern like that and try it myself. If I did it, I'd also like to try cinching the bottom with a vintage cuff or napkin ring, to give it a more retro look.

erika's scarf

Sorry about the awful photo quality- we were literally about to head out the door!


Wardrobe Remix for 11.15.09


champagne sweater - thrifted
black high-waisted jeans - H&M
black leather belt - thrifted
brown boots - thrifted

This outfit is kind of an equestrian-meets-glam look. Just imagine Alison Goldfrapp wearing it as she sings "Ride A White Horse."

I notice on and off how heavily 80s my look is. But not in a tacky neon-acid wash way, but in the retro-modernized 1940s way a lot of well made 80s pieces look. It's no secret there's a lot of 80s-does-40s stuff at the thrift store and why that speaks to people. I think I like it best because it has a lot of the style points of 1940s attire I love- classic pieces and cuts, high waist, just a touch of elegant drama in the sleeves or collar- but in the 80s it was made more accessible. I don't wear heels every day, and neither did women in the 80s. It's nice I can wear a skirt that's 40s inspired but only hits my knees so I can wear flats and not look matronly. And while I love 50s and 60s looks, especially for their comfort and ease, I always find myself drawn to 80s-does-40s pencil skirts at the thrift store (my closet is full of them, wool to thin rayon, every colour of the rainbow), a fitted high-waisted sweater, a lot of cozy neutral knits, classic flat shoes, and for the colder months in particular.

Are there styles you feel drawn to? Why? Do you associate with cyclical fashion like I do? (I also really really love 70s-does-Edwardian but that rant is for another entry.)


Wardrobe Remixes for 11.13.09 and 11.14.09

Okay, I'm taking pictures most every day, I just suck at uploading them in a timely manner. I must have been channeling Shirley Manson and/or Angela Chase hardcore yesterday because I look like the missing third of some grungy 90s redhead trio. Picture complete with "Oh God, Mo-om" face:


chartreuse longsleeve tee - Target
brown polkadot strapless dress - clothing swap party
grey sweater tights - Kohl's
brown combat boots - Target

Today I guess I went back to my classic cut/little details/simple colour palate...probably because I wore my cape today and needed a good silhouette underneath (and my new above-the-elbow wool blended black gloves, they are ungodly warm!).


beige Zara top - thrifted
fuchsia "pocketwatch" skirt - thrifted
black stockings - H&M
beige t-strap flats - F21

I have worn these bleeding shoes into the ground, and I'm hesitant to keep my new hoofers from ModCloth. Quel disappointing, they feel really flimsy and were made in China. Tsk tsk, ModCloth, I expected better. I'm going to return them and buy similar ones from Urban Outfitters that look sturdier, and it is a sad day when UO's shoes out-sturdy you. You better step up your game, MC.


The Full Shop Update

Okay technically that's a lie because late on Tuesday I got a few more things to add. But I'll be doing that really soon!

pink ruffle blouse, maroon handbag, purple plaid skirt

yellow pleated tunic, ivory envelope purse with removable strap, teal and black sweater

red and tan striped dress, houndstooth button-front skirt, black and silver striped sweater

red clutch, victorian prairie boots

Those Victorian boots kill me! I wish they were in my size! Ugh. Would some tiny-footed pixie please snatch these up before I try in vain again to wear them? Also, I love that tan and red dress so hard, but I'm too top heavy/slim shouldered to rock it just right.

Also I have some stuff on ebay up for auction that is not vintage, but if you win and buy something from my shop I will gladly combine shipping!


Debut of my new gorgeous vintage cape!

11.09.09 1

navy and white houndstooth cape - eBay
pinkish-grey lace bib tunic - f21
black leggings - Target
navy blue vintage pocketbook - thrifted
black patent leather t-straps - gifted

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underneath the cape:

11.09.09 2

the tag (isn't this the cutest tag you've ever seen?) and a loop for the belt when hanging (brilliant!)

11.09.09 3

I can't tell you all how excited I was to have finally won an auction for a vintage cape. It was just what I wanted- a pattern in neutral colours (Navy blue works with black OR brown; navy's the new grey people. And I adore houndstooth.), belted, not too long cos I'm a shorty, and has pockets. If I could change one thing it would be for it to have those diagonal buttons near the neck, but I like the buttons it has just fine. It was a steal, too- $21! I saw a similar cape sans belt as a vintage store in Chicago mere days before I won this auction going for more than twice that.

The purse is a recent addition to my collection o'crap. I wanted a handbag for this (since all my shoulder bags would not fare well with this cape) in black. I went to the thrift store yesterday and found this gorgeous navy one with the tag still attached from a vintage store. My price? $2. And, in retrospect, the navy purse is better because, again, I could wear both with black or brown. I guess I just didn't think I'd be so lucky to score a navy purse!

This cape with the tunic and leggings is so comfy. When I left the house this morning I felt as if I were wearing pajamas with a blanket. Only I looked super chic! I could write a love song to this cape.

Shop Update (Part 1 of 2 this week)

shop update

A shop update finally! And I have more to add tomorrow so check back. In the meantime, here's a link to my shop and please let me know what you think of my new banner!


Wardrobe Remix for 11.08.09


pink blouse - thrifted
navy elastic waist skirt - Marshall's
taupe oxfords - Aldo

I was wrong about the last nice day in Chicago, luckily. Look at this, no sleeves or tights! And I was warm the entire time, even after sunset. Lucky me. This also makes me regret not wearing a pair of keds all summer. Next year!


Wardrobe Remix for 11.07.09


vintage collar - eBay
red cotton shift dress - thrifted
black stockings - H&M
black patent leather t-straps - gifted

This outfit was inspired by the following image I spotted at Darling Darling's blog:

I don't know where it's from but I have been waiting to use this vintage collar I posted about a couple entries back and was getting dismayed at my lack of solid dresses. When I saw this last night I remembered I have 2 solid red dresses! Silly me for forgetting.

I should like to start making a folder on my computer for outfit inspirations, and I'm really bad at favouriting my the wardrobe_remix looks I like (all my faves are cute cats, ha!).