Wardrobe Remix for 03.30.10


maroon cardigan - thrifted
green double-u tee - AA via eBay
pen necklace - gift from my dad
floral skirt - thrifted
tights - it is a mystery
tan wedges - DSW

Dudes. I gotta say, I am pretty good at matching on a general basis. But today I NAILED IT without being too cloying. The colour of the tights, sweater, and tee are all found in this skirt that totally was going to go into the shop until I swiped it (I have like 2 Spring skirts that fit me since I lost weight!). Behold:

03.30.10 details

03.30.10 details


I promise the next time I wear these shoes I won't wear blue stockings. I guess I just like the contrast! Sorry I keep fidgeting with my hair...I had another picture of me futzing with it I almost posted, too. Well, Saturday I get a haircut, finally, since Winter is officially over. Which means I can finally cut my fringe like this! Do you think I can pull it off? I hope so cos I don't know what else to do instead!

Shop Update: Shoes and Purses

Ah, shoes and purses. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. The right shoes and purse can really tie together an outfit, and I know from experience that the wrong shoes can break an otherwise amazing outfit. This shop update is based just on these imperative accouterments of fashion. I have purses and shoes for every style! I have two purses shot but not listed yet, and I was able to score a few more shoes yesterday, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these!

Summer Camp Mexican Tan Leather Tribal Moccasins 7.5, Golden Peach Muted Metallic Heels with Grosgrain Bows, Indigo Eyes Navy Comfy Vegan Wedges Size 7

Glamour Girl Metallic Gold Small Clasp Purse, Brown Supple Leather Hinged Doctor Bag With Removable Strap, Summer Stroll White Leather Kelly Style Box Purse

Pumpkin Spice Red-Brown Woven Leather Oxfords, Vanilla Creme Ivory Peeptoe Slingback Pumps Size 8, Femme Fatale Brown Suede Garolini Peeptoe Italian Pumps With Gold Detailing

Also, don't forget to enter my Branchbound giveaway!


Branchbound Giveaway: Win The Abarne Necklace!

Spring has sprung, and in honour of the season I am giving away the Abarne necklace from my shop Branchbound!

This prize is for Tzipporit readers worldwide. Post up to three comments for your chance to win:

1. Leave a comment with your email address and tell me how you follow my blog (Google Reader, Bloglovin', etc.)

2. Post about this giveaway on your Twitter and comment with a link to the tweet.

3. Mention this giveaway on your blog and comment with a link to the entry.

A winner will be chosen on Monday, April 12th. Also, from now until then, I am extending a sale exclusive to my blog readers! Get 15% off your purchase at Branchbound (before shipping)! Just write TZIPPORIT in the "notes to seller" when checking out and I will refund you!

Good luck and thanks to all of you for supporting me and my blog. 51 followers so far! Yay!


Wardrobe Remix for 03.27.10


chartreuse long sleeve tee - Target
houndstooth pencil skirt - clothing swap
teal microfiber tights - welovecolors.com
black woven wedges - thrifted

I was so excited when I won a pair of free We Love Colors tights from a giveaway Clothed Much blog! I knew exactly what colour I wanted, this nice teal. I love this colour, and even though I have a drawer of just tights I was lacking this hue. They are really nice, they feel so sturdy. Really smooth and I can already tell they aren't going to pill. Like I heard from many other bloggers, they are brighter in person, but I think these are just bright enough. I was so excited to pair them with the chartreuse and the black and white (I've been all about chartreuse, as you know). This is one of those outfits where all the colours come together perfectly.


03.27.10 details


Friday Links for 03.26.10

They are reissuing The Babysitters Club books And this is a really interesting editorial stating why it's important that they do get reissued.

Spring Cleaning: Detox Your Space There's a million articles about cleaning out your closet, but this one had me at "What fashion enthusiast wouldn't lust over a closet that could pass as a little boutique?"

Spool No. 72 I am lusting after all these delicate Spring items, especially the tops, even though I can't afford them. Story of my life, though. Swoon.

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" Worth it just to see Patton Oswalt as Dr Demento.

DYI Tutorial: Make Your Own Kraft Packages A must read for anyone who likes sending post that's anything but ordinary!

Do You Alter Vintage? Jennine at The Coveted asks, and defends, her answer to this question. I, too, am torn and can see both sides. I hem a lot of garments, sometimes take them in, but have yet to do a "dramatic" rehaul. I'm really curious of everyone's opinions on this. Please share!


Wardrobe Remix for 03.22.10 and 03.23.10

Dear readers, I'm sorry I keep doing these two outfits-at-a-time posts! Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn't even think to post my outfit photos until I was about to go to bed. At least I'm taking them, though, right? Anyway, yesterday I was menstruating, just started hormonal birth control, and woke up with my right leg giving out on me nearly every step so my top priority was comfort. But I tried not to look like a sloppy hot mess so here is the outfit that resulted:


silver leaves necklace - F21
pink sweater - H&M
vintage seafoam skirt - thrifted
grey wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
Cole Hahn loafers - thrifted


03.22.10 details

I was actually a little warm at work...especially when I got really flustered because someone bought a piece of my artwork! He bought the piece on the left and he seemed excited to see more of my work in the store soon!

Today I wanted to wear my new shoes, which I bought on Saturday. My friend Alma got them a few weeks ago and kept talking about how comfortable they were and after so much I had to buy them! I asked her, of course, but we kinda dress the same anyway. Luckily we look nothing alike, haha. They were indeed comfy, and I love the 20s-yet-40s look they have. They are gonna look smashing in the summer with a little light coloured sundress!


floral shirtdress - H&M
navy polka dot stockings - F21
tan t-strap wedges - DSW


03.23.10 details

The first two pictures were taken with my usual point and shoot, the last two with my DSLR which I use for Etsy photos. Can you really tell a quality difference? It's so hard to focus on myself with the DSLR but if the quality is much better then maybe I will try to use it more for the blog...thoughts?


New at Branchbound!

Yesterday it was the lovely combination of sunny, cold, and I was off of work. I got a lot done! I photographed those last lingering pieces for Branchbound, which you can see below. Just click on the image and it will take you to the listing! I also rephotographed some of my older pieces, so I kind of revamped the whole store.

I also updated my vintage shop with the items from last week's preview, with more new goodies coming soon!


Wardrobe Remix for 03.19.10


burgundy bow tie - Lou Rags Vintage and Vogue in Madison, WI
50s gingham dress - Etsy
black stockings - H&M
green leather flats - TJ Maxx

Since today is supposedly the last nice day for a while (Winter: The Sequel starts tomorrow) I figured I should wear another one of my new old cotton dresses. I was going to wait to wear this one until I get it "up to code" (needs to be hemmed and has a few stains I want to try to remove) but I was playing around with my new bow tie this morning and I liked the pairing so I kept it on! I was so excited when I found this bow tie, but then I wondered, hmm, how hard is this going to be to wear? Even though this dress is red and white if you look up real close it looks pink from most any other angle and pink and burgundy look good together, yeah? I know the black and green is also a little bit odd, but I wanted another dark to go with the burgundy, and the green is kind of nice with the pink. These shoes also have a wee bit of a heel which I wanted since this dress is past my knees. Can't wait to hem this, it will be so nice once it's hotter!

Here's a close up of the tie and my sleepy muggo:

03.19.10 detail

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday Links for 03.19.10

That Mitchell and Webb Look, "Cheesoid" Since I finished Peep Show I started watching That Mitchell and Webb look cos I can't get enough of those boys. Last night I saw this skit and I've watched it 4 more times since then. I will almost always laugh at a robot joke, too. PET-RIL.

Kotex Gets Real Kotex has a new line of menstrual products, and a new self-ribbing ad campaign to go along with it. I can dig it.

AV Club's LOST reviews If you're a LOSTie, these are the best discussions of the episodes on the web IMO.

Starbucks announces free pastry day Tuesday, March 23. It shouldn't be a surprise that I am gross, but free food when I buy my coffee? What's not to like? Who doesn't like free food?

Etsy's Tips and Tricks for writing an engaging profile I like how it compares talking up you and your shop to chatting at the register. A must-read for any Etsy shop owner!

American Apparel Nail Polish I'm a bit iffy when it comes to AA, but these colours look really really good! And the price isn't too bad either, especially when you buy a 3 pack. Found on Twitch Vintage's blog.


Spring Shop Preview

I hit the mother-loving jackpot last Friday, as well as odds and ends collected in the last few weeks, and I have blouses, light jackets, shoes, purses, and nearly 20 dresses for you all! Various sizes, too, from extra small to plus size! These items will be in the first batch to hit the shop, so keep checking back or follow me on twitter to know when they get listed!

If any of these items really catches your fancy and you don't want to wait until it's listed to see more pictures/measurements, don't hesitate to message me at slubird at gmail dot com!


UO Spring Part 2: Gimme Gimme GIMME!

A few years ago I was really indifferent towards Urban Outfitters. I would look at their products and think "wow, all of these things are really ugly, unflattering, and the few pieces I like are really expensive." But in the last year or so, I gotta tell you, they have been ON. POINT. I have coveted almost every blouse and dress they have sold and for the first time ever am thinking of laying down some serious coin for their garments. I mean, wow, look at these classic-yet-modern pieces from their Spring collection. I am dying (dying!) over that open backed dress...

I love the purple/blue/ivory/tan/black colour palate lately and I am thinking that may be my summer colour scheme.

And let's not forget shoes! Cut-outs, heel bows, and t-straps? Neutral colours? Check check check check. I can't tell you how much I love tan and nude shoes for Spring and Summer.


Wardrobe Remix for 03.14.10 and 03.15.10


blue button-up blouse - thrifted
black skinny leather belt - found in the basement
khaki shorts - thrifted
navy blue stockings - Nordstrom Rack
beige oxfords - Aldo

Not a great picture but I literally had to run to the bus after snapping it. I just got this blouse on Friday; I wanted a nice pale blue shirt to wear with a tan skirt or shorts.

03.15.10 1

03.15.10 2

khaki pea coat - thrifted
plaid shirt dress - Etsy
nude crocheted stockings - Marshall's
black woven wedges - thrifted
black purse - Target

Today however I got to wear my lovely new 50s shirt dress. I got it fits like a dream and you can't even tell it has shoulder pads! I thought it would be warmer today; it said it was going to be about 60 and sunny but it's more like overcast and 45. Boo to that! I am in the midst of running errands all day though so I paired it with my khaki peacoat and my new black purse. I also thrifted these shoes a couple of months ago and this is the first time I've been able to wear them. What do you think of them, though? They are so different than the other shoes I own.

03.15.10 3

During my photoshoot Sophie wandered over! Also my brother told me yesterday that he might be getting a basset hound for his birthday next month. I can't wait to see him!

03.15.10 4