Year of Outfits: November and December



These colours looked so nice together, and also- WINTER SHORTS! I also love my oxfords, worth every penny.

12.23.09 1

December was the month of neutrals it seems! I like the different greens and the purple here, I think it worked well without turning into Barney. I also loooove that cowl.


September and October



This dress was one of my favourite purchases of the year, I felt awesome every single time I wore it. I also love the boots and solid black tights, which I wore as much as I could.



I only have two outfits for October! What?! How did this happen? This will not do, 2010. Anyway, this was my first "successful" leggings outfit, and I love how I pulled everything together with that belt.


July and August



I am mixing metals here, but I don't really care (I do that with my interior decorating as well and I think it works pretty darn well). Love that necklace and this is the first time I wore that dress.



I owe a lot of the success of this outfit to the dress, but I think I accessorized it well, too. Note the pulled back hair in both of these pictures- it was hot!


Recent Acquisitions (Or: How I Blew My Christmas Money)

A few weeks ago I told myself if I get any money for Christmas I should save it. Then, I said I'd buy one present for myself and save the rest. Instead, I spent pretty much all of it already (and will spend the last of it soon). On what? Well, let me show you...

These boots are from Aldo, originally $160. I got them for a song at $55. I did buy the boots I mentioned a few weeks ago, but I'm returning them because I was not fond of the fit on my little calves. These are cheaper, anyway. Excited!

I have such a hard time finding jeans that aren't a million dollars. My requirements? Mid-rise, darker wash, skinny, short inseam. These are a lot harder to find than it seems. I'm high-waisted with skinny legs, and long legs for my body type (but I'm still pretty short). Imagine my surprise when I found these at Urban Outfitters. The ones I got aren't these exactly, but pretty close. They are a little lighter wash, and don't hit my ankles on account of I am nowhere near the 5'9"-ish model. They're long, but wearable long. I-can-wear-these-with-boots-until-I-can-get-them-hemmed long. That's ok. They are stretchy and not legging thin, and the waist is perfect. All UO's denim is on sale, too, so instead of $54 I got mine for $39. Not bad if they last as long as I suspect they will.

I cannot justify this purchase as well as my others but I will be wearing it in 3 days if that accounts for anything. I bought what would be my holiday dress at H&M last month (which I found out today I cannot refund for money, just store credit, boohoo) but I caved when I saw all you cute bloggers with these Rodarte dresses. I originally wanted the baby blue eyelet one, but that one was nowhere to be found. At the Target in Shorewood this was the only dress left that interested me so I tried it on for kicks. I fell in love with how it looked on me. It's comfortable yet chic, I love the black tulle at the top, and the black looks great with my red hair and pale skin. I love it more and more every time I look at it, I feel like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and a ballerina in it. I am having fun thinking of ways to style it for NYE and I really love how all these great bloggers have worn it in different ways! It's the first time it's been fun to own something others own, too.

I haven't bought these yet, and these will be the most expensive purchase. I am waffling a little, but can get a good deal (under $100 from $170). These are the leather version of my favourite boots that I have worn so many times (and last winter, which I have no pictures of). I think I should just take the plunge and spend the dough on boots I've worn for 2 seasons already and I know go with everything. Wouldn't you agree?

Do you think I am being frivolous or am I making some good investments? I think the black boots and the jeans are, at least. What have you been spending your holiday money on?

Year of Outfits: May and June



I usually don't wear little scarves like this one, or this colour combination, but I think it turned out nicely. I am noticing my faves are the ones where I took a risk and pulled it off!



Not many choices for June, for some reason, but I love this cutesy outfit. This dress is from the lovely Whitney of nice face, and I'm wearing a necklace with Neuschwanstein castle on it!


Year of Outfits: March and April

In these, the last five days of 2009 (omg!) I am counting down with my favourite outfit for each month of this year. Since January and February are "scene missing" in my flickr, I will be posting March-December, two months each day. Ready? Let's go!



This is my first outfit getting back into outfit photos! I love the mix of red, black, and yellow. This also might have been the first time I wore that red blouse, which is my favourite.



I liked this outfit because it was based on a dress I saw at Charlotte Russe. I was so tempted to buy it, but figured I'd try to make it with pieces I already had. Like Macgyver of clothing.


Wardrobe Remix for 12.25.09

12.25.09 3

feathered headband - Urban Outfitters
white bell-sleeve sweater dress - thrifted
black patterned stockings - Target
black leather Blowfish "Willis" booties - nyciwear.com

12.25.09 2

12.25.09 1

Another attempt at having multiple pictures. I'm not too pleased with the far away shots- blurry because of the snow! It has just started snowing at that point and we have gotten a lot since then. My brother just came in from shoveling, and we are about to brave the three-ring circus of Target in the hopes that I might procure myself a certain Rodarte dress (I am not holding my breath). However, I am very pleased with my presents so far. I have received a Rodarte shirt and a Scarlett O'Hara glass from my friend Alma, and my friend Erin made me some absolutely gorgeous paper jewelry (earrings, and a bracelet I wore on Christmas Eve). My dad and grandma have spoiled me immensely, too, and I get the feeling my boyfriend also has. I'm a lucky lady! But considering almost all of the gifts my friends and family have received by me have been loved and put to use makes me feel pretty marvelous, too.

Anyway! The outfit. I wish I got a picture of my Christmas Eve outfit, but the day was a bit nanners. If I can't find the dress I want, and I return the dress I bought last month for NYE, I may repeat the outfit. But this dress was originally from Target, and still new I think, but I thrifted it. Gotta love that. I also treated myself to the patterned tights last week- all of mine have massive holes in them! I swear they rip faster than any other kind. And the boots I have worn before, as I have the headband (a birthday gift to myself last year). My aunt said I looked like a snowflake, haha.

I may or may not do a gifty-post, so if that doesn't happen I want to say now that I hope you got everything you wanted, and I want to see everything! I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a very merry one, with family, friends, food, and a lot of happiness.


Wardrobe Remix for 12.23.09

12.23.09 1

chartreuse cowl - knit my me!
purple scoop tee - Target
hunter green wool pencil skirt - thrifted
black wool tights - warmlegwear.com
duck boots - Target

I finally finished my epic cowl/infinity scarf! I love it, it's so cozy. It's very soft and warm, not itchy at all. I feel like I am in a cocoon! And I can wear it many different ways; when it's warmer I will wear it long and unlooped, I can wear it as a shawl (something else I will to when it is warmer, and pin it), or as a neckwarmer and a hood. It's perfect cos it's been so cold and snowy here, and unfortunately my outfits have returned to my usual winter "uniform"- long sleeve tee, wool pencil skirt, tights, boots. I usually wear some sort of cardigan or sweater, too. I have a myriad of long sleeve tees and wool pencil skirts, in nearly every colour. Not much of a fashion risk, but it's a bit more stylish than most who are just trying to be warm (at least that's what I tell myself). They're cheap, at least, so easy to stock up on. All my longsleeve tees are under $10, either thrifted or from Target. Pencil skirts are all thrifted, under $5. I have such a hard time getting rid of skirts and such an easy time accruing more.

12.23.09 2

Do you like having more than one picture for details? I always worry it would be too many pictures of me. A silly worry- it's my blog, after all!


Etsy Wishlist

It's a little late to post this, sorry everyone. But maybe you can use some of your Saturnalia pennies to procure some treats for yourself (or any unfortunate soul you are acquainted with whose birthday is right after Christmas).

Macrame Owl Necklace by macraMe

These macrame owl necklaces by macraMe are so cute. I first saw them on the always awesome Lindsay's blog. Very affordable, they come in pretty much every colour under the rainbow! I also really enjoy the way they are photographed, too.

Zipper brooches by Designer Playground

I first saw Designer Playground on Etsy's front page, showcasing their fox stole t-shirts. While I loved those too, I was really attracted to these zipper brooches. They also come in a variety of colours and a few different styles. They also make bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and hairbands with the zippers, too.

Personalized Vintage Bookplates by Oiseaux

I used to have bookplates as a wee one, but I haven't seen them in ages. I love the ones on this site, and I think this one is my favourite. Is it because it's white and teal? Birds and a tree? It has my name on it already? Who knows. But I would totally adhere this to my absolute favourite books I'll never get rid of ever, and you should, too.

Charity Cat by Two Stray Cats

I saw these little cuties in this love-themed treasury yesterday by The House of Hearts and I wished I had seen them earlier! I would have gotten some for a few different people. They're darling and the best part is the profits go towards animals in need! Definitely keeping these on my list...

I also had a few vintage items on my list, but they have been purchased. Exciting! I wonder if they will find their way under my tree...? What etsy items were on your wishlist? What did you get your loved ones from etsy? I always love hearing about new shops.

Oh! And one final note - It's not too late to order from Slubird Vintage or Branchbound for Christmas if you are in the U.S.! Through Monday, if you message me "blog" with your purchase(s) I will upgrade your shipping to priority for free!


Wardrobe Remix for 12.15.09


white cowl neck sweater - So long ago! Kohl's?
grey wool skirt - thrifted
white wool stockings - Marshall's
brown Victorian-inspired boots - thrifted

This outfit is from yesterday. I finally waterproofed those boots. I think they are a bit unflattering on my legs, but I don't care. I love the shape so much.

A few hours after this picture was snapped, I was at work and I injured one of my fingers severely. I bled and bled and bled; went to the emergency room and got 4 stitches. However, for all the blood I shed not a drop got on my clothing, and how odd with all that white, haha. It hurts pretty badly (I caught a different part of the same finger shortly before in a ladder, I feared I'd have to get my digit removed) but I'll be fine. I've never had stitches before!


Feast of Saint Lucy

I am not Catholic, but today is the feast day of my favourite saint, Lucy!

From wikipedia:

Because people wanted to shed light on Lucy's bravery, legends grew up, reported in the acta that are associated with her name. All the details are conventional ones also associated with other female martyrs of the early 4th century. Her Roman father died when she was young, leaving her and her mother without a protecting guardian. Her mother, Eutychia, had suffered four years with dysentery but Lucy had heard the renown of Saint Agatha, the patroness of Catania, "and when they were at a Mass, one read a gospel that made mention of a woman who was healed of the dysentery by touching of the hem of the coat of Jesus Christ," which, according to the Legenda Aurea, convinced her mother to pray together at Saint Agatha's tomb. They stayed up all night praying, until they fell asleep, exhausted. Saint Agatha appeared in a vision to Lucy and said, "Soon you shall be the glory of Syracuse, as I am of Catania." At that instant Eutychiaea was cured.

Eutychia had arranged a marriage for Lucy with a pagan bridegroom, but Lucy urged that the dowry be spent on alms so that she might retain her virginity. Euthychia suggested that the sums would make a good bequest, but Lucy countered, "...whatever you give away at death for the Lord's sake you give because you cannot take it with you. Give now to the true Savior, while you are healthy, whatever you intended to give away at your death." News that the patrimony and jewels were being distributed came to the ears of Lucy's betrothed, who heard from a chattering nurse that Lucy had found a nobler Bridegroom.

Her rejected pagan bridegroom denounced Lucy as a Christian to the magistrate Paschasius, who ordered her to burn a sacrifice to the emperor's image. Lucy replied that she had given all that she had: "I offer to Him myself, let Him do with His offering as it pleases Him." She was sentenced to be defiled in a brothel.

The Christian tradition states that when the guards came to take her away they found her so filled with the Holy Spirit that she was stiff and heavy as a mountain; they could not move her even when they hitched her to a team of oxen. Even with a dagger through her throat she prophesied against her persecutor. As final torture, her eyes were gouged out. She was miraculously still able to see without her eyes. In paintings St. Lucy is frequently shown holding her eyes on a golden plate.

If you don't want to read all that, here is a dorky comic I made of her life when I was 18.

She is the patron saint of vision, light, and for those with eye afflictions. Always having bad vision, and being such a visual person, I think that's part of why I find her so interesting. I also first heard about her at the International Museum of Surgical Science, my favourite place in Chicago FYI, and they had an amazing painting of her up (that unfortunately isn't up anymore):

My ex gave me a bunch of Lucy relics, which I have in my room- a statue, a candle, and a prayer card. I would really like to see her shrine in Venise one day, as well as get a saints medal for her. In her honour today, since I did not celebrate the Scandinavian tradition of waking my roommates up at 4a with coffee and hot buns wearing a headdress of candles, I am "taking out my eyes," so to speak, by donning my spectacles instead of my contacts (a strange tradition I have found myself doing the past few years).

Here's a few more pictures of my lady of light:


Winter Necessity: Wool Skirts

Last winter the temperatures here dropped to approximately -20 for a slew of days, and a majority of the winter was below zero. Since I was sick of wearing my jeans tucked into boots, and soon jeans in general, I had to rethink my winter clothing defense mechanism. When it got to the point of needing three layers on my legs there was no way I could do any more under my skinny jeans, so I started with bare legs and worked my way up. I learned 2 pairs of tights (one microfiber and one sweater) was a good base, upon which I would build thigh-high socks or legwarmers. But my cute jersey dresses would not be able to help penetrate the windchill, so I needed to rethink my bottoms.

Enter the long, wool pleated skirt. Going past my knees, a usual fashion no-no for little ole me, it has a pleasing equestrian look with fitted or semi-fitted boots, and combined they provide my legs with allover shielding and yet the comfort to bulk up my legs without restricting movement. And they are definitely stylish! You can wear virtually anything with them. I either wear a fitted sweater, a long sleeve tee with a stylish cardigan or blazer, or a dress shirt and a vest. Layering your top half is easy, not so much your legs.

As I am on the hunt for some more of these wardrobe staples for myself, I have found a few lovely ones that I thought I would share with my readers. These are all from Etsy, because vintage is THE way to go for woolens. They're less likely to be a blend and are made so much better. If you live somewhere that gets this cold and wonder what you can wear that is stylish AND warm, look no further!

Olive Green and Tan Vintage Wool Pleated Skirt from Vintage Repeats, Vintage 1950s Nubby Brown Wool Skirt from Small Earth Vintage

vintage 70s Green Wool Pleated Skirt with buckle waist from Upscale Vintage, Sweet Pleats Skirt, 50s wool tweed from She's Fancy

Green Plaid checked Schoolgirl skirt with Pleats from Beta Boutique, Vintage 1970's Honey Scholastic Skirt from Thrush Vintage


Wardrobe Remix for 12.11.09


silver extra long chandelier earrings - F21
dusty rose sweater with glittery damask pattern - thrifted
white skinny belt - thrifted
black pencil skirt - thrifted
black wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
grey military-style wedge boots - Target

My fringe is getting out of control! Does it look terrible? I am getting a trim next weekend, and am tempted to get Bettie bangs, but I think those will have to wait until the spring thaw since they will otherwise be squashed by my winter hats. It seems like ages since I have done an outfit post, but I suppose it is because it has gotten really cold here in Chicago really quickly. Brr. Trying to find cute/unique ways to layer, which just returns me to my stand-by winter look of British Equestrian/Schoolteacher from the 1940s. La. I suppose that is why these will be my Christmas present to myself:

Oh yes. And with various coupons I can get these bad boys for a mere $74, after tax, with free shipping. If they work out I'm taking them to the cobbler and having him/her go to town winterproofing them. Woohoo. I owe it to myself to have a pair of black leather boots that will be stylish and last through multiple winters. Is anyone else buying themselves a holiday present or am I the only one?


Huge Slubird Vintage Update

Mustard Cozy Cabled 60s Sweater, Teal and Auburn Striped Dolman Dress, Hunter Green and Navy Plaid Dress With Velveteen Trim

Indigo Blouse With Allover White Venise Lace Detailing, Pleated Olive Wool Evan Picone Knee Length Skirt, Black and Gold Floral Party Faux Wrap Sweater

50s Maggi Stover Red and Black Plaid Bombshell Dress, Blue Mod Shirt Dress with White Stripes and Pockets, Black with White Pinstripes Double Breasted Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Creme and Cocoa Tribal Patterned Kimono Sweater, Handmade Green Velveteen Cocktail Dress, Scallop Neck and Sleeved Dusty Rose Blouse

60s Black Lace Wiggle Cocktail Dress, Chocolate Brown Pumps with Gold Filigree Detailing Size 8, Jungle Green Pencil Skirt Knit Dress with Pleats

Lots of great party dresses and cozy sweaters! I really adore that pinstripe dress, red plaid bombshell dress, mustard sweater, and green velveteen dress especially. If only they fit me better! My loss is your gain, check out the shop! I might add a sale section soon, need to clear out some things. I also already have a few things to list (figures, eh?) especially these HATS I keep forgetting to. I have 4, all completely different styles.

I am lucky to be featured in these great treasuries at the moment: For The Love of Plaid, Treasury Name! (haha), Every Day Is Like Sunday, Purply Passions Punctuated, Like Ice Cream In Winter. I also made one, Dreams of Spring. It expires tomorrow so be sure to check out everything and leave me a comment! I get so excited making these, already cooking up themes for the next ones.

And, finally, I was featured on Etsy's front page Tuesday morning!

Exciting! Okay, I swear, my next post won't be about Etsy, haha. It's been consuming my life lately. Ahhhhh.