Friday Links for 04.30.10

A Wild Nobility: An Adam Ant Exclusive By Simon Price Propbably the best interview I've ever read. Whether you are a fan of Adam Ant or not (you should be) this is still highly entertaining.

Storque Spotlight: Shop Red Leaf I love this Etsy shop and I love this interview just as much. Nice in-depth account of what it's like having an Etsy business as your full-time job.

Behind the Curtain: 20s & 30s Class Gaps A lover of Old Hollywood investigates why the Class Gap is so prevalent in films from the earlier part of the 20th century.

Sewing Tutorial: Perfect Bows A nifty sewing tutorial from the lovely DearBeatrice!

Sesame Street's Monsterpiece Theatre presents "Twin Beaks." This is pretty much the Slu version of Twin Peaks:


Obsession: Vintage Dooney and Bourke Bags

Ever since I found the first Dooney and Bourke purse for my shop, I've gotten really obsessed. Now when I thrift I look for the vintage ones like mad (I have two more to list!) I want one of my own, still on the hunt. I love the two toned ones; I'm hoping I can get a navy one in the fall.

I want this one so badly, even though it's too small for me to use every day:

Then again, maybe it's just my thing for ducks.


Wardrobe Remix for 04.26.10


green plaid shirt - Kohl's (I think, had it for years)
black denim skirt - thrifted
white belt - thrifted
nude stockings - Marshall's
saddle oxfords - BDG via eBay

I haven't taken an outfit photo all week because it's been SO. COLD. here, it's been windy and rainy and in the 50s (not that bad but with the rain and wind I'm freezing). I am protesting by wearing these nude tights a lot because I wish I had bare legs! Also, is it evident that I have been ogling Audrey Horne's wardrobe a lot? Maybe it's just the saddle oxfords. I want a tree cardigan!


Friday Links for 04.23.10

Tim Gunn critiques superhero costumes I will watch anything with Tim Gunn in it, I think. There's a part 2 coming soon, too! I don't know if I could "own" anything with a boob window, though.

Floral wallpaper "blooms" when the heat is on. I want this! There needs to be more home decor this rad.

How to write search-friendly product descriptions Might be helpful to a lot of my readers, since many of you are Etsy sellers.

Cats and Pizza This needs no introduction...

What type are you? This short video personality test not only tells you your personality type but also your type, by which I mean your font. I'm Marina Script! Which one are you?


Returning from Larryville

If you were wondering where I was the past week or so, I was in Lawrence, Kansas visiting my boyfriend. It was a much needed vacation from my oft-stressful life in Chicago and it was nice, as always, to spend time with Michael. The weather there was lovely in the 60s and 70s the entirety of the trip. So nice to enjoy soft wind, plenty of sun, and bare limbs.

I was particularly naughty this trip and bought a lot of things. None of which were particularly expensive, thankfully, but it was still a trial getting my suitcase shut yesterday! Friday, my first full day, we hit Mass Street, the main drag. First we went to the Antique Mall, one of my fave places where we can both wander for hours (and always do). I got the prettiest silvery gray straw hat with fake leaves and flowers that fits my head perfectly, a variety of golden buttons for a project, and a cute cotton 50s dress for the shop. We then hit up Wild Man Vintage, which is really affordable and I've gotten a sailor dress I love there last summer. The boy got a couple of shirts and a pair of 50s khakis that fit him wonderfully and were in amazing condition. I (finally) got a 50s ivory cardigan with white wheat beadwork and a floral cotton shift dress. I went back the next day to get a pair of red cork wedge sandals I was eyeing. We ended the evening with Mexican food, bowling, and drinking at a couple of local bars.

Saturday outfit:


lace earrings - coming soon to Branchbound
sunnies - Target
brown shirtdress - estate sale
nude crocheted stockings - Marshall's
tan t-strap wedges - DSW

Michael at Mirth

Slu at Mirth

Saturday Michael and I got breakfast at Mirth. We sat outside and it was delicious food. Since this was also on Mass St we decided to continue our sauntering from the day before (we had to stop as it got chilly and we were starving). That's when I bought the aforementioned shoes and another hat at another antique shop we'd never been in. It's a lovely dusty rose colour that matches my hair with a little feather in the front! I'm so lucky I can find these hats on my trips, since I don't like buying hats online and I can never find the kind I like in Chicago.

cat chocolate!

hedgehog and cat chocolate



We got some ice cream and walked to the park, where we watched animals and high school kids take their prom pictures. That night his friends BBQed for us and we chatted and watched tv/played Wii Golf. I love Wii Golf; I really want a Wii but can't justify buying one so in the meantime will just have to mooch! Michael also got this great drawing of him done by his friend Ramon:

Michael's Portrait

Michael poses with his likeness

He did one of me, too, but I wasn't able to pick it up before I left. I can't wait to get it! Sunday we just hung out, ate more Mexican food, and I watched the first two episodes of Twin Peaks! Yes, I've been under a rock and I had never seen it before. It's too early for me to have a solid opinion on it, but I enjoyed what I've watched so far.

Monday we went to Kansas City! It was really warm so I donned my new hat and dress:


straw topper - Lawrence Antique Mall
cotton 50s floral dress - Wild Man Vintage
tan t-strap wedges - DSW

04.19.10 detail

Getting up was kind of a pain in the ass, as Google gave us the wrong names for the exits, but we got there eventually. We went to a few vintage shops in Westport, but the only one of note was Donna's Dress Shop. It was perfect, I wish I could live there! I got a pair of 70s denim shorts that look like pin-up shorts and fit like a dream. Our last stop was in the downtown area; we visited the giant Antique Mall there. It's 4 stories! Michael got a mustard shirt and I *finally* got a mirrored vanity tray. I...haven't unpacked it yet, but they wrapped it well so I will assume it's still intact. I almost bought this PERFECT black straw boater hat with an "under bow" but it was $22.50...and I could not fathom spending more than $20 on a hat. Though I kind of wish I did. Dang.

Yesterday was more hanging out at Michael's place until I had to leave. I was so sad to go; this was my last visit to Lawrence! Michael moves here in a few short months finally. Still, saying goodbye to his apartment was hard, so many memories there. But I had some pretty dresses and a cute cat waiting for me when I got home, which softens to the blow.

Phew! What a long entry. What have I missed? How was your weekend?


Shop Update: A Dressy Affair

Oh moppets, I'm so horrible at posting where I update my shop! My store is at 75 items now, and I still have a decent pile of things to photograph and list when I get back (going to Lawrence tonight to be with my love). While I have been adding all kinds of things to the shop, I'm all about dresses. This (belated) update is all the cute dresses I've added since last I shared. Also, don't let the dress form fool you, these dresses come in all sizes! I have a lot of larger sizes lately, too.

Navy and White Striped and Houndstooth Plus Size Mini Dress, Red and White Sleeveless Polka Dot Apron Sundress

Buttercream Pale Yellow Dolly Day Dress With Rolled Collar, Refreshing Mint Zip-Front Day Dress With White Polka Dots

Earthy Urbanite Brown, Tan and Blue Barkcloth Mod Dress With Sheer Sleeves, Rosemary's Lime 60s Paisley Arabesque Green Linen Sundress

Lemonade Stand Yellow Gingham Cotton Belted Shirtdress, Peter Pan Collar Black and Brown Floral 60s Shirtdress


Wardrobe Remix for 04.12.10 and Giveaway Winner!


fruit tee - Ross in San Francisco years and years ago
Cancer charm necklace - UO
black pleated linen skirt - H&M
army green stockings - not sure, Filene's Basement I think
saddle oxfords - BDG via eBay

Sorry about the lack of updates this past week, and I didn't even realize it had been a full week since an outfit post. I must admit I've not been feeling very good about my appearance as of late, despite all of your wonderful comments on my hair (which I really appreciate, you are all so sweet!). Even though it's silly and I know I am being emotional, it is something I am wont to do from time to time.

04.12.10 necklace detail

04.12.10 legwear detail

Anyway, my silliness aside, it's time to announce the winner from the Branchbound giveaway! And the winner is...


Congratulations! Thanks to all who entered. And for those who didn't win, I'm going to have another great giveaway as soon as I get to 100 followers. At 65 now, so hopefully in the very near future.


Friday Links for 04.09.10

This week I bring you 100% goofy links, both new and from the vault. Because, why not?

Cat Shirts I found one of these on eBay, forgot the link, and then stumbled upon this gem. I wish there were more, though! Also great if you like bad puns.

Kermit Bale I never get sick of this extended comparison between Kermit the Frog and Christian Bale.

Garfield Randomizer A great way to kill time.

Cast and Crew of Mad Men sing "Bye Bye Birdie" Need I say more?

The Garry Shandling Movie Poster Project It's kind of embarrassing how funny this is.

Also this isn't funny butbe sure to enter my Abarne necklace giveaway! I announce the winner Monday!


Vivat Veritas

One of my fave new Etsy shops is Vivat Veritas. I am obsessed with everything in it! I especially love these open-backed dresses; one of them might be my next Etsy purchase. She does custom orders, too!

She also makes a lot of super cute blouses and skirts. I really love this Peter Pan collar blouse. It looks so comfy and I'd want one in every colour.

And if all this wasn't good enough, 10% of proceeds are donated to the Christian ministry in Thailand, aiding women who were forced into prostitution. It's nice to know you are supporting a handmade artist who is in turn giving to a good cause.


Wardrobe Remix for 04.05.10


new haircut - courtesy of Anne at Black Hearts Hair House
grey dress - H&M
gold obi belt - custom made via eBay
purple stockings - UO
tan sandals - secret lake on Etsy

Catching up on blogs, I feel bad that I didn't have a cute, Springy Easter outfit. I spent yesterday wandering around with my roommate looking for phone numbers for apartments, didn't have any social activities to be made. But I do have for your consideration my new bangs! I got them cut Saturday and I am surprised how much of a change they are for me. I've never had my bangs this style before.

04.05.10 hair detail

When Anne first styled them she used a flat iron so they looked super pointy, but they are a lot softer and shorter today since I let them curl up my usual style. I like them! They look good when my hair is up and they should be nice with a hat. I'm still getting used to them, though. It really is a noticeable difference...

04.05.10 belt detail

04.05.10 legwear detail

Oh! And don't forget to enter the Branchbound giveaway!


Friday Links for 04.02.10

Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock The item in Think Geek's "April Fool's Stuff" that I'd most like to own. And the Tauntaun sleeping bag.

Sketchy Easter Bunnies With Dogs What's a major holiday without creepy costumes scaring small creatures?

Some Enchanted Morning My Twitter friends have already seen this, but why are deer so friggin cute? They get along with pretty much every animal one would have as a pet. Prince Purrsalot and Lord Kissyface, hahaha.

How To Be A Little Princess A general list of tips to feel beautiful and positive everyday.

Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride Horrifying yet hilarious detailed instructions for a new bride on her wedding night published in 1894.

The Sex Scholar: Clelia Mosher Speaking of Victorian sex for ladies, get a load of the findings of this pre-Kinsey survey.

DYI Pillbox Hat An easy little tutorial and cure for not finding your dream hat on Etsy.