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Just a quick post to apologize to my readers. I've been an awful blogger lately. Nearly a week with no update! I've been super exhausted, partly cos I'm sick and partly cos of work and partly cos of stress...and that ain't changin' any time soon. But once I get acclimated to my new lifestyle (Michael, my boyfriend who currently lives in Kansas) will be moving here in two days and in three days I become manager at my place of work (meaning more hours, money, and responsibility)...but despite it all I will still find time to post! I'll at least try to throw in some filler posts now and again. AND my room is starting to look less like my moving boxes exploded (two months later...) so maybe I'll take some photos of my new place.

In the meantime, so you can hate me a little less, here's a(n oldish) picture of my cat being cute:



Lovely Ladies in Lace and Giveaway Winner

I'm so happy to have such pretty, stylish ladies wearing my Branchbound wares! Sadie Rose is wearing the Darcy Earrings, Karen is wearing the Madelief headband, and Rachel is wearing the Darcy Necklace. Rachel was also kind enough to have Branchbound as the Designer Spotlight on her blog. You can read my interview here!

Without further ado...the winner of my Happy 100s Giveaway is Beatrice! And soon she will be featured here since she used her Branchbound store credit immediately on these. She will look amazing in them, I know it. Thanks to everyone who entered, and fret not if you did not win; I'll be having TWO giveaways in August!



So, last week I was having a meltdown of sorts. I was so stressed out from work, my apartment, Chicago in general and I was losing my mind. I had Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, and my boyfriend had a free roundtrip Southwest flight saved up, and so off I went to Lawrence! My last visit there, a mere two weeks before Michael moves here! I was so happy. I got to get out of town, see the love of my life, and just hang out.


sailor print sundress - F21
vintage "S" necklace - Epoch Beads on Etsy
sunnies - Target
Rocketdog Lisbon sandals - Altrec.com


Saturday we strolled down Mass Street, and I practically bolted to the Antique Mall. I felt kinda bad because Michael was there last week, but he still pored over things. I'm so lucky to have a man so entranced my the past as I am. He loves looking for barware, typewriters, ties, and tie tacks, so that kept him busy.

ballerina lamps

antique mall stuff


I wanted this clock so badly:

want. this. clock.

Michael and my future apartment will have all this crap

who would buy this?

my pile of vintage clothing

furry purry, lookin' smoov

I found a couple of dresses for me (one might work its way into the shop soon) and a few other things for the shop. We hit a few more shops, got Mexican food, and then went to the Salvation Army (his idea!). It was great, they had all the vintage stuff separated from the rest and it didn't cost any more. Easy peasy. So yes, got a few more things there, too. Didn't expect to "work" while I was gone so flying back with all this crap was a wee bit of an ordeal, but I managed.

That night we went for drinks with his friends and Sunday we went to the lake. Oh man the humidity the entire time was awful. I felt like I was walking through the rainforest. Seriously, I was a sticky bun. Anyway we went out for dinner and saw Inception, which we both liked! Leonardo DiCaprio loves playing characters with insane wives.

chicken door



invisible purse - thrifted
mixed metals bib necklace - Target
sunnies in my hand - Target
yellow cardigan - Target
chambray sundress - Target
Rocketdog Lisbon sandals - Altrec.com


Me and Michael, last visit to Lawrence!

Monday we dicked around a bit (I wore this same outfit Sunday night and Monday) before I had to go to the airport. Next time I see him we will be in the midst of moving him in! Thanks again, Michael, for the mini vaycay!

Also, last chance to enter my Happy 100s Giveaway! Go! Do! Free stuff!


Do What I Say: Heat-Busting Edition

Ah, we are finally in the thick of summer here in Chicago. I love the heat! Can't complain (other than about the humidity) but you do need to keep cool, especially when you are in the sun for long periods of time. Hopefully you can find some of my tried and true wisdom helpful!

Drink A Lot Of Water - This should go unsaid, but many forget! Rule of thumb for how much you should drink a day, take your weight in numbers, divide by 2 and that's how many ounces you should drink a day, plus x2 however many ounces of coffee or soda you drink.

Wear All-Natural Fibers - Sure that rayon dress FEELS like cotton, and that polyester shirt SEEMS airy, but synthetic fibers do not breathe. Stick (or un-stick, rather) to cotton, silk, and linen.

Protect Your Hair Colour - Dyed hair needs sunscreen, too, especially if you have a bright colour like red (trust me, I know). Get a UV protective spray, like L'oreal's Ever Pure UV Spray, or get a hairspray with UV blockers like John Frieda's Anti-Frizz Hairspray.

Take A Powder - Body powder, that is! As you get dressed after moisturizing, sunscreen-ing, and deodorizing seal it in and smooth yourself with baby powder or any corn starch-based powder. My fave is Silky Underwear by Lush; it smells heavenly of jasmine and has cocoa butter in it so I can ditch the lotion most days.

Prime - If you wear makeup, especially liquid or cream makeup, make sure you put a primer down before you apply it. It will keep your makeup on your skin longer and will keep the makeup from clogging your pores. You should do this year round, but on hot days I notice my makeup breaks down faster in hot weather.

Corn Starch Is a Miracle - If your hair is too frizzy to wash every day when the temperature and humidity rise just work some corn starch into your scalp. It's the active ingredient in most dry shampoos and only costs pennies. The only caveat is that you MUST work it in well or you will look like a judge of yore. Another great use for corn starch? Rub some on your bare feet before putting your shoes on- it will help wick the moisture, preventing discomfort and blisters. Seriously, for pretty much $1 for a decent sized can this is epically useful and will last a long time. I keep it in the bathroom.

Carry Baby Wipes - This one I got from my friend Alma. On days you are really sweating, keep these in your bag for a quick touch-up throughout the day. It will cool you down; rub on back of your neck, knees, arms, underarms. If your deodorant isn't doing its job anymore use one of these to wipe it off and reapply; deodorant sticks best to clean, dry, recent shaved skin.

First two images found on Google, other two were found on Google image search.

Oh! And just a reminder! Tomorrow is the last day to enter my Happy 100s Giveaway!



image from we heart it

Hip hip hooray! My first blogiversary! A big thank you to all of you who have supported my shop and blog along the way. When I started this blog a year ago here were my goals:

• Wardrobe Remix pictures - because I need another place to paste my muggo
• pictures/links/reviews of neat products, attire, housewares, and styles I find/make
• how-tos for who knows what (or doesn't know, I guess!)
• inspiration in whatever form
• TILT - because I try to be positive
• the occasional rant - because I'm an angry person in a big city!

I think I have stuck with the mission of this blog fairly nicely. Obviously some things have come and gone, but I hope I have been consistent here. What would you, readers, like to see more of here? I have a few new ideas for some entries coming up, too.

Finally, don't forget to enter the giveaway!


Happy 100s Giveaway!

I did it! I reached 100+ vintage shop sales and 100+ blog followers by my first blogiversary (which is technically tomorrow but who cares). In celebration and gratitude I am offering you a chance to win some great goodies!

• cotton vintage scarf
• burgundy vegan shoulder purse
• $15 credit to either of my Etsy shops, Branchbound or Slubird!

This giveaway is open to readers world-wide and you have until midnight CST on July 22nd to enter!


• You must be a reader of this blog. Tell me how you follow; Google Reader, Bloglovin, etc.

• Tweet this giveaway and leave a second comment with a link to your tweet.

• Mention this giveaway on your blog and leave a third comment with a link to your blog entry.

Make sure you leave an email address in at least one comment or else I will have to pick a new winner. Good luck! ♡


Wardrobe Remix for 07.12.10


white silk blouse - thrifted (identical one in my shop in blue)
making me blush skirt - modcloth
Rocket Dog Lisbon sandals - Altrec

Just a day of listing, shooting, thrifting, laundry, Target-ing. Nothing really to note. I'm excited about my new sandals though, they are so unlike anything else I own. Really comfy, too!



Seymour likes them, too.


Wardrobe Remix for 06.29.10


striped tee - Target
chambray pin-up shorts - Donna's Dress Shop in Kansas City
nude sandals - secretlake on Etsy


These outfit photos are a week old but I liked this outfit too much to let it fall through the cracks. It was awkward to work into a belated post, I suppose!

I also have a little announcement here... I've reached 100 blog followers! Just shy of my one year bloggiversary, too! I still plan to do a giveaway celebrating 100 shop sales but I suppose now I shall make it a mega giveaway! Stay tuned, I swear it's coming.


Vintage Heaven July Big Sale!

Chicago peeps, remember that your humble narrator will be selling today! Please come out and say hello. I'd love to see you!


Guest Bloggin'

While Rachel from MouseVox Vintage is on a well-deserved vay-cay-cay I was a guest blogger today! Read my entry about The Women Of Mad Men here!


Birthday Outfit And A Trip To The Zoo


aqua and gold earrings - F21
50s plaid dress - birthday gift from my dad from Small Earth Vintage!
tan t-strap wedges - DSW

Here's what I wore on my birthday day (Sunday). I was worried it was going to thunderstorm but it just rained a little while we were still in bed. I thought it was a little cooler than it was so I opted to wear this cute dress I got as a gift from my dad. The fabric is pretty airy, to my delight, so I wasn't too hot after all.


Birthday flowers from my friend Elise!

birthday flowers from Elise

First Michael and I went to Yolk for a decadent breakfast. We were so stuffed, I don't think I've ever not felt like bursting after eating there. We poked around Paper Source afterwards since it was a block away and Michael bought himself a birthday present; a book for keeping track of music lists (songs to make out to, songs you want played at your funeral, etc). Then we headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo.


We saw pretty much everything there, and that zoo is great because it's free. I don't wanna recap each animal I saw and what they did so I'm just going to post a million photos. Look at how cute that baby panther in a box is! Omg.

















Lots of sleeping fuzzies. I'll leave you with this video of me screwing with Michael at the gift shop: