Chicago Antique Market

Here is the long-awaited photo post from my jaunt at the Chicago Antique Market yesterday. I went with my friend Andrew, whom I hadn't seen in months, so it was a nice way to catch up and have some fun. The weather was cool and a bit windy, but it was sunny. It was mostly outdoors, except for the Indie Designer Market, so at least it didn't rain.

breakfast club

Andrew suggested we meet here for breakfast bright and early. Neither of us had been here before, but it was a nice walk to the Market from here so it worked out well. We had a nice leisurely chat while we ate, and boy did I eat! We both had omelettes; I had a bacon, avocado, and cream cheese omelette, with potatoes, toast and coffee. I was full for most of the day, yum.

Then we headed to the Market, starting with the Indie Designer Market. I wasn't too impressed and am saving my independent business budget for Renegade Craft Fair in nearly two weeks. Then we began to brave the booths outside. I was on a hunt for some vintage jewelry while Andrew was looking for chrome frames, possibly a bar and/or bar accessories.

There was a lot of vintage clothing, but nothing that blew me away- EXCEPT this pair of white leather ballerina lace-ups, but o cruel fate, they were just a little too small for me. Dag.

some stuff old books with cute covers

I never buy vintage books (or any books for that matter) but I love looking at their covers. I especially love the John R. O'Neill illustrations in the "Oz" books.

I began to take a shine to the vintage kitchenware after a while, but if I were to make my own vintage dishware collection I would have no idea which style I would go after! Would I like late 50s dreamy pastel glassware?

some dreamy, colorful hazy glassware

Or some sleek black, white, and gold Mad Men-esque mid-sixties bar glasses?

Mad Men drinking glasses

Any black and white, really.

bar glasses

Perhaps I should give in to my inner tickety-tack and indulge in some faux wood cuteness.

faux wood

The booth with my favourite dishware also had this old ladie's electric razor:

old electric razor


Anyway, since I was hunting for jewelry, I found a ton of it. So many booths with all different kinds. Mostly brooches, but lots of pendants, loose beads, rhinestones, feathers, fur...

some beads drawers of pendants

jewelry and vanity accessories

Look at all those amazing vanity accessories! Speaking of which, one thing I have always wanted and have never had is a vanity. I covet those other girls have, modern or vintage, though I prefer vintage. I'd love to have a seat before a mirror and a long space to put all my makeup, perfumes, salves, baubles, hair accessories, etc. Here are two vanities that my heart particularly ached for; a sleek vintage modern black and gold glass one and an ornate wooden white one.

minimal vanity my dream vanity

One day, my pretties, I will have a room big enough to house you. Le sigh. All in all, though, it was a semi-fruitful experience. I purchased one necklace and a charm for another necklace (I was looking for a tassel necklace and by the time I bought the charm it was all I had seen and then of course I found two tassel necklaces right after, but for just getting a charm I got the best deal):

gold, rhinestone, and pearl-drop necklace tassel charm

Chicago area friends, there is still one more Market weekend this season- September 26th and 27th. It's a great way to spend an afternoon (bring your student i.d. to pay only $5 to get in vs. $10), and the best place around I've seen to stock up on potato sacks.

potato sacks

Wardrobe Remix for 08.31.09


tan Zara shirt with asymmetrical collar - thrifted
gold and drop-pearl necklace - Chicago Antique Market
navy corduroy jumper - nice face on etsy
ivory floral lace stockings - h&m
bronze flats - target

I will make a photo post when I get home from work about the Antique Market, I got another charm too, I need to put it on a chain. I'm in love with the neckline of this top, I thrifted it Saturday. And this is the first time wearing these tights, I got them for $1 a couple months ago. Yay "new" duds.


Things I Love Thursday - 08.27.09

mochas - This cold weather has me craving these bad. I suppose since it's basically a hot chocolate with more caffeine, and god is it perfect with soy milk and no whip. Makes me tempted to get an espresso machine.

erica-knit's chunky knit cowl - Pattern available here. What an easy knit, and fun to be using giant needles (pattern calls for 17s but I am using 15s) and thick and quick in a nice Chartreuse.

getting a haircut - Oh man, I need one so badly. Especially cos your hair grows faster in the summer. Where do you look for ideas on cuts to bring to the stylist?

modern beehive - Speaking of hair, shown above are persephassa and hannah karina from flickr, sporting their modern beehives. It's not as cartoony as a 60s one (or Amy Winehouse) but adds a nice lift to the crown. I tried it myself last night; do I look stupid or can I pull it off?

sassy beehive

weekends off - What to do, what to do! I never know what to do with myself when I have two days in a row off work. I'm such a busy bee I feel I should make the most of it.


Worst Products I've Ever Tried

In honour of Things I Hate Tuesday, I'm publishing this article I've been thinking about for a while. May add to it as my attempts at consumerism continue to disappoint me, and I know I have stuff missing from this list.

TRESemme No Frizz Shine Spray - I try to support TRESemme as much as possible because they do not test on animals and that means a lot to me. This product did up the shine in my hair immediately and with just a few sprays all over, I will give it that much. But this product does absolutely nothing for frizz control. I used this product on my hair before and after I straightened it on a misty day and by the time I got to work I had Botticelli curls all over. Disappointing.

Purely Cosmetics - I feel bad writing this, as I like to support independent businesses. And keep in mind my skin is horrible- with acne scars, uneven texture, mild rosacea, and it is sensitive and acne-prone. But their foundation made me break out immediately and while it provided decent coverage it also caked very much, everywhere. It sunk into my tiny under-eye wrinkles and enlarged them dramatically. By the end of the day I was pooling in oil and my entire face was burning, waiting to be washed off. It made me sad, since their makeup is hailed as being best for sensitive skin since it had "no bismuth, talc, micronized minerals, and other skin irritants." Perhaps their eye-makeup is worth trying, as most reviews of that brand online hailed it, which I probably should have heeded a bit more.

Moom - This was another product I was very eager to try since I heard mostly good things about it; good for sensitive skin and completely organic. I don't mind waxing but hate paying for it, and needing to shave very often gets tiresome. I tried this on my bikini area first and not only did it not get much hair off but it bruised my skin! I gave it a second try a few days later on my arm. It got a little of the hair off, but not much that time, either. Luckily it didn't bruise, but both times I did get red bumps (that didn't surprise me, however, but did add to my annoyance with this product as I was already short with it). I guess it's back to blades for me!

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer - Again, my skin is horrible. And I haven't tried this product in a while, maybe it would work better now, who knows. But I'm willing to bet it won't. Aveeno pretty much sucks in general. For being "organic" their products sure have a lot of ingredients. Almost everything, even the stuff for sensitive skin, still has fragrance in it, and they test on animals. Yuck. That being said, this did absolutely nothing to "calm" the red in my face.

Preparation H as under-eye cream - This may be another product where I didn't use it long enough to see results (I did it for about a week), but I would think this is one of those things where you are supposed to see immediate results. I didn't notice any difference with my under-eye circles or tightening of the skin.


Wardrobe Remix for 08.22.09


green half-rims - zenni optical (yes they are prescription!)
grey cardigan - f21
black bibbed babydoll dress - target
grey lace-patterned stockings - target
green leather shoes - tj maxx

Goodness, it's cold today. It felt like the first day of autumn, and as I often do on those sunny yet chilly days I am compelled to get a hot mocha for my morning libation. I gotta tell ya, it tasted like fall. Maybe this fall, since I am no longer in school, I will not have my usual September anxiety attacks and identity issues. Time will tell.

But I would like one or two more trips to the beach first, Mother Nature.


Things I Love Thursday - 08.20.09


crocheted stockings - Perfect tights for it's-kinda-chilly-but-I'm-not-ready-to-wear-tights-yet weather. Tights shown from left to right Sock Dreams, Shoewawa.

fashion tape - This stuff is amazing and has saved me from buying a new bra for every weird top and dress I own.

Ulta - As far as I am concerned, this is the best cosmetics/hair store there is. The items they have range from drug store cheapies like New York Color and Maybelline to higher end brands like Smashbox and Bare Escentuals. They have an extensive fragrance selection, hair accessories and dyes (including Feria colors I've never even seen before), and a pretty decent brand of their own. I am quite fond of their eyeshadows; they last forever and come in a wide variety of colors. They have tons of freebies both in-store and online, and a free rewards program. The only thing Sephora has on it is a free birthday gift. ulta.com

the well-fitted, solid coloured dress - Doesn't have to be black. I'm pretty partial to a dark charcoal myself. I have a dress in the shape I like (see black and white dress in previous post) but its pattern makes it just a hair too casual. Both of these dresses are from Forever 21 and I love the subtle and flattering waist detail on each.

fall shows - The non-sequitor of this list, I suppose. I have tickets for Fever Ray and Decemberists in October, and my dad told me that the theatre by my house will have a Chromeo/Crystal Castles show coming up, as well. Maybe one day I'll pass on my concert-going tips and tricks!


Wardrobe Remixes for 08.13.09 and 08.18.09


ez comb - ebay
rhinestone necklace - thrifted
yellow wrap dress - some boutique in San Francisco
camisole underneath - thrifted
gold and pink brocade flats - thrifted

detail here.


earrings - f21
dress - wet seal
bronze flats - target

It was my day off and I ran errands and one of my friends told me "that's a pretty fancy outfit for a day off!"; to which I responded "This is just how I am! I'm a classy broad!"

Also I've been watching a lot of Mad Men lately. I want Joan's hair and makeup and Peggy's dresses.


Things I Hate Tuesday - 08.18.09

people who say "I can't wait for fall!" - Since I am mostly friends with goth people, apparently, the very short period of actual warmth we have had in Chicago is apparently too much for their icy souls. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with everybody? You WANT to be cold?! Ahhhh! I don't get it. I love going out at night not wondering how many layers I need to wear, I like going to the beach, I like feeling cozy just walking to the bus stop. Fall clothes sound great, but when you realize that hey, these scarves and boots I just giggled about in anticipation will be adhered to my personage for the next ten months your soul will inevitably crumble. I know mine does.

harem pants - Oh ye gods, I don't know about you west/east coasters, but here in the midwest these babies luckily haven't caught on (so either they will next year, or not at all, time will tell). And with good reason- who could these possibly be flattering on? If they are ass-masking, they sure as hell make you look like you have the fattest legs in the world and it's okay since you have fitted ankles? Huh? They are pretty much jodhpurs if you take out everything cute about jodhpurs.

severe lack of petite vintage clothing - I am unfortunate in my love of vintage attire because I am short and do not have broad shoulders, but I have a moderately sized bosom/waist (somehow my ass usually isn't a problem). Everything that I find that fits me in terms of vintage clothing is too long, has really broad shoulders that make even simple sleeves look like poufy princess sleeves, or both. O how I wish that some vintage collector soul would dedicate a vintage store, even if it's just a webstore, to us gnomes. (Hint hint hint!)

Also, folks, I have a new layout here at tzipporit industries, let me know what you think. I liked the roundies but I liked the opportunity to post pictures wider than 400 pixels better. This layout also looks more modern somehow.


Things I Love Thursday

Sorry blogiverse, I know it has been a while (a week is eons on these Intertubes). I was in Lawrence visiting my gent until Tuesday night (so the only thing I was hating Tuesday was leaving...and my wicked caffeine headache, but I digress). In general, though, I have a bunch of ideas for articles for this thing, and I'm going to try to be more diligent about writing them up. I often think of these things while in my hair/makeup zone-out time or riding the train/walking around zone-out time and then once I get to a computer it's all gone.

EZ Combs - I saw a woman on the train wearing one of these about a month ago and thought: Oh my god, how neat! It's like a comb and a snood combined! I debated asking her where she got it but didn't; luckily it turned up on a google search for "double combs" (which is also the name of a similar product. Basically you put one comb in your hair and stretch the other side around your loose/bunned/twisted hair, and ta-da. I have a glamourous hairdo in seconds, and thank god for these because my hair looks like shit down lately cos I need a haircut!

summer drinks - On the alcoholic side I have my constant companion- Vodka tonic, the sweet Tom Collins, and the delightful $3.99 Trader Joe's Vinho Verde Espiral. It's a Portuguese green wine- a white wine with immature ("green") grapes that give it a light yet dry taste, but sweeter than other dry whites. Normally I'm a sweet Reisling fan, but I am liking the taste of this with and without food. And at that price, why not? As for non-alcoholic, if you can get thineself to a Sonic, please drink a Cherry Limeade for me.

my shows, my precious shows - Now that I am finally all caught up with Weeds, and it seems it should be ending its 5th season in a few weeks, I am running out of things to watch...and just in time! August 16 is the premiere of Mad Men's third season, the 20th is the premiere of Project Runway's sixth season, and a hop, skip and a jump away on September 17th is the premiere of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's fifth season. Good thing I renewed my Rapidshare account!

assembling furniture - While in Lawrence I talked my guy into getting a desk, and then I promptly (well over the course of two days, but not my fault) put the entire thing together. And, as far as I know, it has not collapsed so I think I did a pretty good job IIMSSM. Also, since I am in a tiny tiny bedroom I have wall shelves all over, and I put them all up myself- and again, no collapsing, whoopie. I recently bought myself an electric drill/screwdriver and am itching for more things to put together. Know anyone in need of a handybird? By the way if you share my love, or at least a passing fancy, in furniture construction you must read one of my fave blogs, ikea hacker, hours of entertainment and good ideas.

free stuff - Who doesn't love free stuff? I've been haunting Allure because of their month of free giveaways, and just poked the head in at Bionic Beauty for the first time today and got some coupons for freebies. Also my Seattle's Best Coffee coupon for a free cookie is burning a hole in my bag. Man, I'm hungry.


Things I Love Thursday - 08.06.09

Target's Odell flats - Now, these are not the most versatile shoes in the world, and I don't even know if the patent ones are waterproof (then again some of my only waterproof shoes anymore are cheap patent flats) BUT they are so comfortable, cheap, and come in a million colors/styles. I have a black pair I wear all the time, and I just bought a Bronze pair. They're only $13 so you can buy flats in any color you've ever felt your shoe repertoire was missing. They have no arch support, though, as do pretty much every flat ever, so get some insoles. See the full list on the Target.com website here

suburbia - There are some things I love about the suburbs that I just don't get from living in a big city, and took for granted until I moved to Chicago. I never want to live in the suburbs I think, unless it's a tolerable one like Oak Park or Evanston. But I do love the following: being driven everywhere, drive-through fast food (Taco Bell!), Chili's (I love fake Mexican Food), chains like Target and Walmart. Pretty much, I love being a fat American for a few days.

wearing my boyfriend's boxers and t-shirts - Even though I have my own boxers and t-shirts, there's something about wearing his that makes it so much more cuddly.

going backless - You know it's summer when you can bare it all and you are nice and comfortable. It's nice feeling the sun on my back in my low-backed swimsuit or feeling extremely sexy out at night in a backless dress. It's hard for me to pull off because I have bigger boobs, but if it's fitted enough and if I wear my bra that's just cups it works out just fine. (I always thought my back was my best feature!)

a well-organized bag - I'm going to do an entry about purse-organization soon, but between having a new, better structured purse and packing for Lawrence all week it certainly makes life much better.



plucking my eyebrows - It would always take 20+ minutes, and sometimes span over two days because I couldn't handle the pain. I tried icing, I tried a hot cloth; neither worked. It always made my nose run and I would sneeze. Fuck that shit. Get them waxed.

the post office - I think only once have I ever had an employee at the post office I usually go to not be rude, or at least cold with me for no reason. Granted, if I worked in a post office I'd be pretty sour, too, but dang. I just use the automated post office, but half the time the features they give me make me choose the wrong thing and I don't find out until 3 days later when my package returns to me. It better not happen this time.

overly air-conditioned buildings - I'm all for cooling down when it's hot, but most of the buildings I have been in have been kept around 65 degrees and it has been a pretty mild summer here in Chicago. I am dressed for the weather, so if I am wearing something sleeveless outside I don't like wishing I had a sweater inside. Work is the worst, though- being stuck in a small shop where the cold air recirculates for 9 hours. I know I mentioned this a few entries ago, but this is what I think about 30+ hours a week at my job.

Wardrobe Remix for 08.04.09


gold tree necklace - urban outfitters
red tube dress - f21
blue striped belt - thrifted
black flats (ole faithful, shoe-wise) - target

Things I Hate Tuesday post later, after I run a million errands! Gonna try to go to the post office 3 times today to mail all this eBay nonsense. Let's see if the P.O. can avoid my wrath...


Wardrobe Remix featuring TMI


grey sack dress - h&m
gold brocade and black obi belt - custom made via ebay
black capri stockings - target
silver and white t-strap flats - target

This outfit is not my favourite, but I will tell you how it works for me today.

a. I am getting my period so I'm v. bloated
b. I work in a store that is severely over-air conditioned
c. It is hot outside

The sack dress, and most of my dresses and non-pencil skirts, are more comfortable than jeans, which constrict my lower abdomen. That area hurts anyway if I eat too much or something. This dress also has pockets, which is always a plus.

The capri tights, which I almost never wear, cover my fat ass as this dress is short and keep my legs from freezing in my store. I can pull them up if I get too hot outside, but the fact they are not an extra layer on my feet keep me cool.

The shoes have decent arch support without insoles and the white/silver reflect light.

The belt keeps the dress from making me look like I'm nine months pregnant.

I also always carry a cardigan with me when I go to work. It's so annoying when I have to turn back home because I forgot to grab a sweater IN AUGUST. Ugh.

This was really boring!