Wardrobe Remix for 11.21.10


blue velvet dress - kittenteeth on Etsy
black tights - We Love Colors
black t-strap flats - Christmas gift


Debut of my brand new dress! I've been looking for a velvet mod long-sleeve dress for a while, preferably one with a neckline that wasn't too high, and this fit the bill quite nicely. I was eying it for weeks and then a few days ago finally decided this was the one and was thrilled to receive it so quickly! I think I'll be wearing this on Christmas, too. I highly recommend kittenteeth's shop, she has some really cute things and great prices, and she was very friendly. Like I said, she shipped this very quickly, too.

It was nice out today and I had some errands to run so Michael and I wandered around the loop. A lot of the Christmas decor was up. This is Michael's first Christmas in Chicago so I want him to have the full experience! We're seeing the Nutcracker in a few weeks, and next week we're going to dine at the Walnut room in Macy's (I've never done that, either!) and Christkindlmarket, the German marketplace with a giant Christmas tree in Daley Plaza.

Don't forget you have until tomorrow night to take 15% off the entire shop at Branchbound for my anniversary!


Anniversary Sale

Monday is Branchbound's first anniversary, and it has been an amazing year. I have received so many positive comments, emotional supports, and purchases from beautiful women I'm honoured to have wearing my pieces. As a small token of my appreciation I'm having an anniversary sale. Take 15% off the entire shop until Monday night. Everything is already marked down, and they make great gifts. If you want customs or multiples of anything, let me know, too.


Even More Dresses!

Jade Green Long Sleeve Wiggle Dress, Bright Pink Drop Waist Mod Scooter Dress

Cranberry Shirtwaist Dress With Belt, Full Skirt, Sassy Secretary Teal and Black Pussy Bow "Twofer" Dress

Winter Jewel Serbin Royal Purple Shirtwaist Dress, Candy Cane Striped Mod Scooter Dress

Charcoal Gray Wool Jumper Dress

Most of these are medium and larger sizes, too! I'll be shooting a lot more tomorrow, including shoes, purses, and separates. Feel free to comment or email me if you are looking for something specific.


Huge Branchbound Update







Althea (stud earrings...see them all here


...and there's still more to come! I'm also now offering gift wrap for everything except the really big necklaces. Don't delay if you want a custom order, too- the last day for customs is November 24th until after Christmas!


Wardrobe Remix for 11.11.10


orange polka dot blouse - Tucker for Target
grey jumper dress - YeYe Boutique on Etsy
tan crocheted tights - Marshall's
black leather flats - Target


My usual photo spot was blocked by all of my Vintage Heaven bins (I did very well, by the way!) but I still wanted to snap a pic...so I figured I'd give you a different view of my apartment! More photos to come soon, once I clean this VH stuff up, and I have a few neat shots on my phone, so I hope to give you a tour of my place!

Anyway, we've been having a bit of everything in Chicago so far this month, but most of this week was nice and warm. I had gotten this blouse the night before. I usually don't care for orange but I like the oranges in the Tucker collection for Target and I must admit that shade looks great with my hair and skin colour. I also really love this jumper I got from YeYe, it goes so well with my hair and looks oh-so-mod. This is already the second time I've worn it!


Cheap Thrills

Rule of thumb, of course, is to invest in classic pieces that can be worn season after season. In general I agree with this, though I've been lucky enough to thrift some high quality pieces very inexpensively. Nevertheless, sometimes a girl finds a trend that really catches her eye or feels a few new pieces might perk up the existing ones in her closet. Being the natural bargain hunter I am, I've compiled a few goodies to spruce up your wardrobe while being kind to the ole wallet (everything here is $20 US or under!).

left to right... Curtain Tights from Hansel From Basel, $18; French Dots Slipper Socks from Sock Theory, $10; Bow Diggity Tee from Modcloth, $19.99; Fashion Chain Necklace from Old Navy, $14.50; Cheetah Print Oxfords from Forever 21, $19.80; Contrast Color And Metallic Striped Skirt from Forever 21, $17.80.


Dresses! Part One

I have a slew (Slu has a slew) of vintage dresses just waiting to be listed. I've got the count around 20! Here's a little dent; six beauties in a variety of sizes and styles!

Wild Tapestry Linen Barkcloth Mod Floral Shift Dress 60s Ivory and Tan Sheath Dress With Gold Buttons

Rainbow Checked Cozy Flannel Long Sleeve Dress Bold Stripes Red and Black Dress With Waist Sash

Black Sheer Illusion and Velvet 50s Inspired Cocktail Dress Bubblegum Pink Plaid 60s Secretary Dress

Once again I'll be selling at Vintage Heaven this weekend! Please try to make it out if you can; I'll have more than twice as many clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, and coats as ever before!


Dracula's Pajama Party

Yipee, my Halloween post is only a day late! Forgive the quality of these pictures but they were taken at my Halloween party held Saturday night. I went as a Snow Queen, but a lot of people thought I was Tilda Swinton/the White Witch. Same thing, I suppose. I based the dress off of a Cecil Beaton photograph of his sister as a shooting star (my original idea) and styled it very John R. O'Neil a la Wizard Of Oz (see my jaunty crown?).

There is still some glitter in my hair and the whole costume left glitter all over my apartment. I expect my life to sparkle for the next few months.

My brother went as Captain Carl from PeeWee's Playhouse:

Michael went as a pilot again, Alma went as a house:

Erin went as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica and Phill went as Dorothy Valens from Blue Velvet:

Steve went as Columbo and Elise went as paint-by-numbers:

While I don't condone the deformation of a vintage dress (I'll just hope it was already ruined...), that vintage Jackie O mask is freaking terrifying:

My roommate, Kara, dancing to Twist And Shout as Ferris Bueller:

Andrew, who is not in a costume (boo) and Kacy as a Double Dare contestant:

Costumes I did not get photos of include AstroTurf, a cat lady, George Michael (from Arrested Development), and Death (from The Sandman). Highlights included starting a conga line to "Jumping The Line," watching Sleepy Hollow and The Shining on mute, all of us turning The Shining off mute at the end to watch it, lots of hugging and dancing and punch consumption. I gotta say, dancing with that staff was pretty sweet.

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! What did you dress up as? What did you do?