Wardrobe Remix for 09.17.10


peach bow blouse - H&M
chambray sundress worn as a jumper - Target
BC "Anchors Aweigh" oxfords - Endless


This was one of those outfits I had in my head for a while before I actually could wear it. It was perfect for a day of shooting for the shop, running to the post office, and thrifting. I love the pussy bow with the chambray; I felt like I belonged on a 30s farm! Now I'm exhausted and need to pass out before working all weekend!


"Happy Birthday To Your Relationship!"


peacock feather earrings - Branchbound
vintage paisley shift dress - estate sale
metallic flats - Target



Sunday, as you know already, was my two year anniversary with Michael. I got dressed nice and comfortable for an afternoon I knew would be full of eating and walking. Shifts are the best at hiding full tummies!

I met Michael at the the blue line where we went to have brunch at...

blue line club car

...the Blue Line Club Car! I've always seen this place but never went in. They have an awesome, affordable menu ($3 mimosas for brunch, too!) and the inside looks like a 50s bar. I'll definitely be going back; they have turkey AND black bean burgers. We also had excellent weather and scenery for eating outside (the train overhead didn't even bother us all that often).

tweet tweet


me with pomegranite mimosa

After we ate we walked around Renegade for a while until Michael got too hot/tired. We got some frozen yoghurt and then popped in Buffalo Exchange. We parted ways until we met for dinner. We got sushi at Bob San, stopped to take the photobooth strip below, and had drinks at Violet Hour (our place...Michael says if he proposes to me it will likely be there).



Happy Anniversary

Two years ago Michael flew out to Chicago for the first time, and we've been crazy about each other ever since. We saw each other once a month, once every two months a few times, until he moved here a month and a half ago. We have talked every day since early August of 2008. I love him more than anyone else, I have never been so happy with anyone else, and I've never been so loved by anyone else. Sometimes we snap at each other and sometimes we act weird (who doesn't?) but I know in the end he will always be there. I love you, Michael, and here's to many more anniversaries!


New at Branchbound

After taking some time to make new pieces and working on a new style for my shop photography, I updated Branchbound with the first of a few rounds of new items. I plan on adding a lot of new inventory over the next month or two.

Orabella, Briony

Yuzuki, Aithley, Calandra

Miu, Coraline

Miu, Athley, Coraline, and Orabella can be custom dyed almost any colour, too. What do you think of the new pieces? What kind of things would you like to see next (colours, styles, etc)?



Tomorrow evening, after I get off of work, a small group of friends and I will be venturing to Hala Kahiki, a tiki bar located in one of Chicago suburbs. Naturally, half the fun of going is deciding what to wear (one of my friends made a dress for the occasion!) and half the fun of THAT is doing a little fantasy shopping. I'm 90% sure what I'm going to wear, but it doesn't hurt to poke around Etsy a bit! Here are some of my faves:

from Land Of 1000 Dresses

from Bohemian Bisoux

from Fab Gabs

from Tialey Vintage

from Blueberry Deluxe

What would you wear if you were me? Post some inspiration for me (or my man, he's stumped, too)!