Wardrobe Remixes for 09.26.09 and 09.29.09

Well, here you go, guys. Fall's here. I hope you're happy.

I'm going to enjoy layering and looking cute while I can, cos in a month it's going to get super fucking old.


black cotton blazer - uo, thrifted
tassle necklace - vintage charm from antique market, made into a necklace by me
striped shirt dress - f21
black stockings - h&m
blowfish willis booties - nyciwear.com

This is my new favourite outfit! I love all of these pieces separately and together they are very "wow" to me. And I look so tall because of the heels!


chartreuse long sleeve tee - target
cowl sweater dress - kohl's
white and gold belt - thrifted
ribbed cotton tights - uo
grey boots - target

It's so cold here in Chicago (high of 50, cloudy, and windy) so I had to bust out the winter duds today.


Things I Love Thursday - 09.24.09

While working on this list today all I could think about was what I want to purchase for myself. Oh well, at least it's cohesive. Anyway, moving on...

lace floral dress from Charlotte Russe - C.R. doesn't usually have much that makes me swoon these days, but what's not to love about a carousel print and that adorable lacy collar?

nude polka dot stockings - I need more neutral stockings for my outfits. Black is too dark for a lot of my lighter clothes but I'm too chilly to go bare-legged. This pair here in beige is exactly what I want. Though they are the only place I've been able to find them I'm not sure if I am willing to shell out nearly $14 for them.

leather oxfords - Cute, versatile, and practical. These are my favourite oxfords that I've seen in a while and my trusty leather flats are falling apart since I've worn them into the ground. Dark brown or taupe, I can't decide!

infinity scarf - Also called a circle scarf, it's a long tubular scarf you can drape and wear in different ways. The above picture is from an ad for American Apparel's Unisex Circle Scarf is jersey in comes in many different colours. If you want something knit, or just handmade, check out yarnovermovement on etsy.

wide leg trousers - I love skinny jeans immensely, I really do. But since I am so short and trying to find ways to dress in more flattering clothing while still retaining my sense of style these pants seem to really do it for me, especially if I get a pair of sailor pants. They can be 40s chic if I let it and it won't matter as much if they are cheap since I will probably be purchasing dress pants and don't need to be quite as concerned about the fit.

Wardrobe Remix for 09.24.09


green and yellow 50s dress - thrifted (a mere $2! what a steal, even with the holes.)
brown leather belt - thrifted
ivory lace stockings - h&m
brown leather flats - thrifted

Actually I think this outfit cost me about $6! I love this vintage dress but I never wear it enough. It's so delicate, I had to mend it a lot when I purchased it. It's really old (metal zipper and all) but it's so cute. I wish I had a detail shot of the little fabric-covered buttons with rhinestones inlaid at the top.


The Perks of Being a Packrat

I'm really trying to be a good girl and pare down my clothes to the essential. It's taking years, and it certainly doesn't help that I still shop a lot. However, in the past few months I'm finally donating a few bags to Purple Hearts, attended two (one I hosted) clothing swap parties, and eBayed/etsied a lot of my better looking new and vintage garments. I am just now finally letting go of many of the beautiful vintage dresses I purchased in high school and inherited from my family that I hoarded for costumes for photography series in college.

One thing that is helping me finally purge is the fact that I have lost weight from when I was sixteen so a lot of these things don't even fit me anymore. On the other hand, dresses I saved even though they had never fit me that I am now willing to part with suddenly fit me like a glove. Luckily those items are in the minority and I've come out of my sorting with three gorgeous frocks.

This is one such dress. I was all prepared to sell it this week. Though this morning when I was showing it to my roommate I thought that maybe it will finally fit me. I received this dress when I was seventeen from a penpal who sent me many great thrift store finds, including Electric Warrior on vinyl. I was never able to zip it up the back so blaming my ribcage (and not the fact that I was on the chubby side) I would wear it with a corset over it for photoshoots). Today I was able to zip it up save for the first few inches at the top, which I will either continue to lose or be able to just let out a tiny bit with the help of a seamstress.

Otherwise, look how perfect it fits me! I cannot bear to part with this dress. If nothing else it would be a perfect wedding dress. The lace and the ribbon...and I'm not wearing a bra since the corset is boned, and you can't even tell. How dreamy.

The other two dresses I wanted to post about I was too lazy to put on and take pictures in, but here they are anyway:

This green floral maxi dress never fit me, even when I was 14! I was going to sell it in the early summer but I figured what the hell, tried it on, and it also fit like it was made just for me. It's the perfect length for my height and is the first dress with a long skirt that doesn't make me look stumpy. I was also surprised how perfectly it fits my boobs since this dress belonged to my mother and she was a 32A her whole life. The back is also deliciously low, it's so sexy and I love showing my back off.

Same story with this dress. Never fit me even when I was 14, was gonna sell, figured what the hell, fit me perfectly. However, this dress was purchased by my skinny dad in his 20s when he went as Joan Crawford for Halloween- ha! And that's not the only dress dad thrifted for a Halloween costume in the late 70s that I think is very pretty and fits me, my parents were into Halloween in a big way. Anyway, I love 70s take on Victorian dresses, and the detail on this one is stunning!

I really love the lace with the ribbon (a pattern is emerging I see here) and the high neckline. It's also a great length for my height, but I'm thinking of hemming it to just above the knee. Opinions? I also am not sure if I hem to leave the skirt as-is or attempt to make it a pencil skirts. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Anyway, I am going to update my etsy shop soon with a ton of great dresses, a few blouses and pairs of shoes, and a whole bag full of hats! Stay tuned.


Seymour's fall trend pick is...red!

Seymour's fall trend pick is...red!

Yes, the fashionable feline is all for painting the town red this autumn. Pictured, he is lying on a pile of not one, not two, not three, but four of my best red frocks! Between this and the red blanket I own that he humps regularly (romantic bias perhaps?) he is all for the shade.



I was a bit apprehensive about this trend at first. When I started seeing it last spring, it mostly showed its face in too-short neon dress form. Instead of me thinking neo-'40s! I thought '80s hooker! But now that fall wardrobe is all over the place and peplum is still here I am finally able to see it in its classier form, and I am starting to develop a bit of a crush.

To preface, I have never tried on any peplum clothing myself. However, as a short, top-heavy girl who wants everything super fitted except around my lower stomach, this style seems ideal. I think that, since it's tailored but not allover snug, this is a style that I can imagine looking good on every body type. It's certainly a welcome change of draping to the pregnant-looking sloppy empire waist on so many shirts!

To begin, here are a few finds with a classic '40s vibe. Some of these are vintage (but from the '70s and '80s), and the newer items really adhere to the neutral/tailored variety.

Peplum Knit Skirt. $13.80, Forever 21.

Vintage EMMA Tan Black Peplum Dress. $40, brownbagvintage on etsy.

Vintage 1970s Mustard Autumnal Boater Dress. $45, greatestfriend on etsy.

Austin Reed Plaid Peplum Jacket. $169, amazon.com

What follows are some modern takes on the peplum silhouette. I like the unconventional colours/patterns and neat little details, such as the bows, buttons and pleating that make these look fresh.

Geometric Vintage Crescent Moon Dress. $32, lovesmenot on etsy.

Polaire Vest. $118, Anthropologie.

Cafe Peplum Sweater. $34, Forever 21.

Tie Front Sweater Dress. $32, Forever 21.

There were even more peplum styles on various garments I found; from subtle curves on a jacket to a long, exaggeratedly draped skirt. They are everywhere now, and since you are bound to find something in this cut in your price range and style be sure to look around.


Anna Sui for Target

Sorry, dear blog! I have been abusing you terribly, but it is not my fault. Since the last time I wrote my boyfriend visited, and the entire time I have had severe stomach problems and toothaches. Now, a week later, my tooth problems have gotten worse and don't appear to be getting better any time soon. The pain is distracting and between work and everything else typing entries up for this are kicked to the curb.

BUT I am taking a brief moment away from yowling like a wounded animal to share with you Anna Sui's collection for Target.

I saw the collection online a few days ago, and today when I went to Target to get my medications I got to see a lot of these pieces in person. I actually bought myself a pity treat, this shirt:

The black! The lace! The slightly sailor-ish collar! Be still my heart.

Here are my favourite items in the collection.


There were a lot of black dresses, and I was fond of the blue a lot, too. I was not as into the brown/orange dresses in the collection, I felt they were too bohemian chic for me. I like the classic/tailored/quirky look of these, and the mod-ness of the grey and black one.


I am so in love with the colours in this collection- all the grey, black, and ivory. I think that will be my colour palatte for fall and winter. Anyway, these blouses perfectly fall into my colour tastes, as well as other things I love: brocade patterns, ruffles, lace detailing, sailor collars, ties, and- twee as it is- I adore the bird! I would have purchased that shirt but it was not as fitted as I'd like, and also I tuck in most of my tops so I was afraid the bird would be cut off. I may go back and try on that ivory and gold blouse, though.

Things I didn't like:

Some of the shirts were really ugly or really boring (cute but not worthy of the collection/price). The two pairs of pants they had (they aren't on the website anymore) were pretty uninspired as well. But overall the colours, fabrics, and more tailored pieces have me melting and wanting more (and more money). Next time you see yourself at Target check the collection out!


Things I Love Thursday - 09.10.09

Renegade Craft Fair - Saturday and Sunday in Chicago is the Renegade Craft Fair! It's pretty much like walking through Etsy if it was more selective and in Wicker Park. A lot of things I do not buy, but it's great for getting ideas and picking up cards for possible holiday purchases. I realized a week ago that this will be my fourth year going to Renegade. In 2006 I didn't purchase anything, in 2007 I bought this ring from Lucky Loo Loo, and last year Michael bought both of us some cute stationary from 16 Sparrows. Check out the official website here.

The Violet Hour - I hate promoting this place even though it's the best bar in Chicago because I like how tucked away it is (or was). This place is perfect- expertly crafted cocktails in a classy and divine setting, very dim, perfect for groups or an intimate date. Just look at the menu! Yum. If that doesn't persuade you, check out the inside:

fashism.com - Fashism is my new guilty pleasure; it's like Hot Or Not but with clothing. I love voting on good or bad outfits, and offering up advice. The only problem I have with it is it isn't updated too often (but I guess that's a good thing cos I'd waste too much time on there otherwise).

the little black vest - It's not exactly the same as the dress, seeing as how it's almost more accessory than apparel, but the plain black fitted vest looks perfect, on any body type and with any outfit.

Melissa Shoes - These Brazilian-made plastic/vinyl sustainable shoes are conceived by a variety of famous footwear designers including Vivienne Westwood, Zaha Hadid, and J. Maskrey. They are unfortunately out of my price range, but just barely so I may invest in a pair on sale. They look like they would be uncomfortable but they are surprisingly very, very comfortable, based on the flats and heels I have tried on. When I can find an excuse to I will definitely be getting a pair of These Vivienne Westwood designed t-straps:


Things I Hate Tuesday - 09.08.09

summer ending - Technically I have until September 21st, but Labor Day is pretty much the final nail in the coffin. We barely had a summer in Chicago, such bullshit. I'm grateful for the four (four!) times I was able to go to the beach, and will keep my summer dresses in rotation as long as I can bear. R.I.P. Summer 2k9.

peep-toe boots - Since summer is ending, one would think I could finally kiss peep-toes goodbye, right? I hate peeptoe shoes, personally, and get sick of seeing a flat I like and then realize, dammit, it's a peep-toe. I find them incredibly uncomfortable and as my boyfriend has said "it doesn't look like they finished the shoe." But these are 1000x worse. The functionality of the boot is nil because of these INFERNAL PEEP-TOES. They just look so messy and trashy. Again, like the sandals I posted a while back, they are like garbage bags with toe holes.

lack of rain flats - Yes, more shoes. This comes from the impending flood on the 10-day forecast leaving me scurrying the internet for warm/wet weather footwear alternatives to boots. Unless I get Crocs Prima (and believe me, I've considered it in my darkest hour, but they are so damn uncomfortable and hard to size that they really have nothing going for them) it's been really difficult. I'll be sure to post on here if I find anything suitable, however, still got my fingers crossed.

Wardrobe Remix for 09.08.09


crocheted shrug - clothing swap party
gold and coral brooch - gift from grandma
pink halter top - Target
skinny jeans - Charlotte Russe
gold sandals - Target

I feel a bit embarrassed at how over-the-top girly I look today, but I love the little details like the crochet and the brooch together, and the neat shape they form.

Hate post later, darlings, gotta run to work and do 3723974 things because my man comes into town Thursday!



etsy shop update!

I posted some blouses, dresses, and a skirt at my etsy store, please take a look. slubird.etsy.com

Wardrobe Remix for 09.05.09


maroon merino shrug - knit myself
grey t-shirt - can't remember...Kohl's I think
tassel necklace - made myself, charm from Chicago Antique Market
black skinny jeans - Old Navy
tan leather flats - thrifted

I'm trying to invest in really good pieces, as these jeans are a bit stretched out since a. I have lost weight and b. they were cheap. I like wearing basics to work and sprucing it up with little details, such as the shrug and necklace.

Etsy post later today, I only have a few more items to list. But the store is here if you want to take a premature sneak peek. Let me know how the layout/pictures look to you, will you?


Wardrobe Remix for 09.04.09


sailor-collar blouse with sailboats - thrifted
sailor shorts - Plato's Closet
black flats - Target

In a sailor mood today since it's warm and I got my sailor dress altered from Whitney today, hooray! I was thinking of wearing it today but may save it for next weekend when the boy visits. Also it's red and I just redyed my hair last night so it's very vibrant today.

I took some etsy photos earlier, going to put the listings up tonight and I'll post again when they are up. A lot of cute dresses and some other things.


Things I Love Thursday - 09.03.09

western heels - What looks stylish, gives you a lift, yet makes the boots extra comfortable? Western heels. Whether it's on a pair of stylish new ankle boots or tried and true cowboy boots, male or female, I love them. These leather booties are from Blowfish, so they are very comfortable with not only the heels but the padded inside. I just bought these and am so excited to wear them. I have seen other shoes from this line with a similar heel as well, including pumps.

Real Simple - This magazine has everything- home decor, organization, money saving tips, recipes, health, fashion, beauty, etc. The images are gorgeous, filled with natural light. Not classist or ageist, it has something for every woman (and man, too, come to think of it). Browse some articles online at realsimple.com

clock hand jewelry - There are tons of these on etsy, both ready made and supplies. I bought some hands myself and made some extra long earrings:

designer jeans - Lately I've been obsessed in purchasing things that are worth the extra money, like a really really good pair of jeans. I've been checking out Gap's 1969 Premium Jeans, has anyone worn them?

solid black tights - Can't go wrong with these babies. I have a drawer full of tights every color and pattern, but I always pull out my opaque black stockings. They're just so perfect.

Wardrobe Remix for 09.03.09

This is my Latin Mama/summer-to-fall inspired outfit.


gold leaf earrings - Claire's
red satin top - thrifted (I think this is my favourite shirt)
white and gold belt - thrifted
skinny jeans - Charlotte Russe
gold sandals - Target

The tragedy about this shirt is it's thrifted, and a lingerie shirt, and I cannot find another shirt like it ANYWHERE. This is a shirt I would want in a million colors. I love the floral detailing at the collar, the length, the fact it is fitted and loose in all the right places...ack. It's perfection. If you see another shirt even close to this anywhere, please let me know!


Things I Hate Tuesday - 09.01.09

Happy September, everyone! I'm beginning the third month of updating this blog. I'm not sure what my readership is but I am updating a lot more than I was at this blog's conception so I'm hoping it's interesting enough for blogland.

Let's get to the hate!

the fact that shapeless sack dresses are still in - Sorry H&M free magazine, I don't buy the fact that tailored pieces are in this season, or the last 3 seasons you've said such things. The fact that stores are still stocking what is essentially a garbage bag for expectant mothers and women are buying them (They must be! Why else would they be around this long?) leads me to wonder why women buy unflattering clothes. If you have read TIHT for a while you know that most of the clothes I hate are just plain unflattering. I love interesting drapes and outfits that are part loose and part structured, but haphazard messes? No thanks, and women should say the same thing.

Urban Outfitter Bikes - Yes, you heard correctly. Ugh. Finally UO is combining the annoyingness of their hipster shoppers and the annoyingness of hipster bikers. It's a match made in heaven.

American Apparel's "Afrika" prints - The print being ugly is secondary to the fact that white people are paying so much money to wear them.