Things I Love Thursday

First TILT post! I plan to cap myself at 5 so as to be consistent and not blather on and on some week I am in love with the world. If it's that great it'll be it's own post, right?

good hair days I wish I had these more often! Nothing so good as knowing your bangs are perfect just so.

Berlin When I was having freakout "I'll never find a job so I'll have to move" times in January, I was totally checking the job and apartment listings for Berlin. I think it's been embedded in the back of my brain ever since. Visiting there last year I was surprised at what it was like. Every depiction I've had of it has been pre-WWII (Cabaret) or East Berlin after the wall was up (Hedwig and the Angry Inch). To my surprise, it was like the best parts of a big American city (new stuff, big parks, big in general, bit of a melting pot, plenty of nightspots/museums/stores, fab zoo, most people spoke English [I'm not a douche but it helped!]) and the best parts of a big European city (tons of history, old buildings, great public transportation) but not too touristy. While there I regretted not being able to spend more time at various museums, art galleries, and just walking around. German culture, all around, just fascinates me. Its history is varied and eclectic. I feel like, as a people, it is a culture I would feel most comfortable being a part of the population. I have been tossing the idea around to some of my closest darlings and I'm hoping one day we can uproot and ship off!

(Also I broke my own rule here about blathering...deal with it.)

the library Even though the ones I go to in Chicago have some idiotic people working there, and some very douchey "customer service" from a few librarians, I can't beat free fucking books! And I'm saying this the one time in months the book I'm currently reading is not from the library!

red nailpolish Like, really red. The best red I have found, which I caved and bought today, is Milani's Ready To Wear Red. There's no weird pink or orange undertones, and it's not maroon. It's just. RED. I may even paint my fingers, which I rarely do, since I don't work for the next few days and this is definitely my favourite colour in who-knows-how-long.

writing in a blog again I had various livejournals from 2001-present, but around late 2008 I stopped writing in mine. I have my photography blog, which just turned into a depressing memorial of my Not Doing Anything. Then it took me ages to actually just start this one up. I'm not the biggest fan of writing anymore, but it is nice to have a solid place to put all my thoughts/opinions/ideas.

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