Pandora Internet Radio - I didn't know this site existed for so long. At first I enjoyed the novelty of it. Heck, I think this site got me to finally use my (sometimes WTF) iTunes Genius feature. However, the amount of ads that I'm sure were not there when people began heralding its praise are obnoxious. The music veers off into weird paths- I started once with Mew and it started playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Ratt. And, the icing on this shit cake, after 40 hours in a month you have to pay for this bullshit! The odds of listening to something on the atrocity known as the radio are better. Convert to last.fm radio, people.

Cropped Pants - Cropped pants ONLY look okay if they are jeans or black, very very fitted, and you are Audrey Hepburn. On everyone else, such as frumpy moms and curvy women who like to dress in unflattering clothes for some reason, these make you look fat and stupid. How would these cool your legs, if that is the reasoning? I can't imagine any other purpose. Make you look taller? No, they aren't fitted capris (which are not at trial here at all). And they definitely aren't the perfect bottoms to compliment your ugly running shoes. Ugh.

Waiting for Mad Men Season 3 - Ahhhhh this wait is killing me! The season 2 finale was probably the best episode of the series in my opinion, even better than the much-praised first season finale. The closest resemblance to spoilers I can find are in these two articles: here and here (and be sure to click on the picture link in the latter).

In the meantime, make a cartoonized Mad Men version of yourself here. Here's mine:

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