Things I Love Thursday - 08.20.09


crocheted stockings - Perfect tights for it's-kinda-chilly-but-I'm-not-ready-to-wear-tights-yet weather. Tights shown from left to right Sock Dreams, Shoewawa.

fashion tape - This stuff is amazing and has saved me from buying a new bra for every weird top and dress I own.

Ulta - As far as I am concerned, this is the best cosmetics/hair store there is. The items they have range from drug store cheapies like New York Color and Maybelline to higher end brands like Smashbox and Bare Escentuals. They have an extensive fragrance selection, hair accessories and dyes (including Feria colors I've never even seen before), and a pretty decent brand of their own. I am quite fond of their eyeshadows; they last forever and come in a wide variety of colors. They have tons of freebies both in-store and online, and a free rewards program. The only thing Sephora has on it is a free birthday gift. ulta.com

the well-fitted, solid coloured dress - Doesn't have to be black. I'm pretty partial to a dark charcoal myself. I have a dress in the shape I like (see black and white dress in previous post) but its pattern makes it just a hair too casual. Both of these dresses are from Forever 21 and I love the subtle and flattering waist detail on each.

fall shows - The non-sequitor of this list, I suppose. I have tickets for Fever Ray and Decemberists in October, and my dad told me that the theatre by my house will have a Chromeo/Crystal Castles show coming up, as well. Maybe one day I'll pass on my concert-going tips and tricks!

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