Wardrobe Remix featuring TMI


grey sack dress - h&m
gold brocade and black obi belt - custom made via ebay
black capri stockings - target
silver and white t-strap flats - target

This outfit is not my favourite, but I will tell you how it works for me today.

a. I am getting my period so I'm v. bloated
b. I work in a store that is severely over-air conditioned
c. It is hot outside

The sack dress, and most of my dresses and non-pencil skirts, are more comfortable than jeans, which constrict my lower abdomen. That area hurts anyway if I eat too much or something. This dress also has pockets, which is always a plus.

The capri tights, which I almost never wear, cover my fat ass as this dress is short and keep my legs from freezing in my store. I can pull them up if I get too hot outside, but the fact they are not an extra layer on my feet keep me cool.

The shoes have decent arch support without insoles and the white/silver reflect light.

The belt keeps the dress from making me look like I'm nine months pregnant.

I also always carry a cardigan with me when I go to work. It's so annoying when I have to turn back home because I forgot to grab a sweater IN AUGUST. Ugh.

This was really boring!

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