Things I Love Thursday - 09.24.09

While working on this list today all I could think about was what I want to purchase for myself. Oh well, at least it's cohesive. Anyway, moving on...

lace floral dress from Charlotte Russe - C.R. doesn't usually have much that makes me swoon these days, but what's not to love about a carousel print and that adorable lacy collar?

nude polka dot stockings - I need more neutral stockings for my outfits. Black is too dark for a lot of my lighter clothes but I'm too chilly to go bare-legged. This pair here in beige is exactly what I want. Though they are the only place I've been able to find them I'm not sure if I am willing to shell out nearly $14 for them.

leather oxfords - Cute, versatile, and practical. These are my favourite oxfords that I've seen in a while and my trusty leather flats are falling apart since I've worn them into the ground. Dark brown or taupe, I can't decide!

infinity scarf - Also called a circle scarf, it's a long tubular scarf you can drape and wear in different ways. The above picture is from an ad for American Apparel's Unisex Circle Scarf is jersey in comes in many different colours. If you want something knit, or just handmade, check out yarnovermovement on etsy.

wide leg trousers - I love skinny jeans immensely, I really do. But since I am so short and trying to find ways to dress in more flattering clothing while still retaining my sense of style these pants seem to really do it for me, especially if I get a pair of sailor pants. They can be 40s chic if I let it and it won't matter as much if they are cheap since I will probably be purchasing dress pants and don't need to be quite as concerned about the fit.


Michael Kaiser said...

No mention of netted whimsies?

sarah louise walker said...

It was number six! Maybe it will make my list next week.

L.T. said...

Interesting circle scarf thing....so many uses! haha, also I lvoe CR dresses...I havnt bought one yet though =(

sarah louise walker said...

I actually bought the dress yesterday, and I'm so excited to wear it!

I really love the circle scarf because it's such a versatile piece. My favourite accessories are ones I can wear with almost everything I have.