Things I Love Thursday - 10.08.09

It's a day late, though I did write most of it last night before I passed out. But better late than never, right? And there's lots of pretty pictures.

nude pink - As I was getting rid of a few shirts and sweaters in the spring, I noticed that pretty much everything I was discarding was pink. I thought, well, I'm just not a pink sort of girl and let it rest. But lately seeing pale, nude pinks popping about, and even really desaturated dusty pinks, makes me want to don the designated colour of my gender (though, true fact, blue was originally a girl colour and pink was a boy's!). All of the below is from Urban Outfitters:

Halloween costumes - I'm so excited for Halloween every year. Once September ends I am starting to make plans, hoping someone I know is having a house party (so much more fun than a bar, and a lot fewer sexy Dorothys that way), and deciding on an outfit. I love having an idea I'm really excited about, searching for all the pieces to put it together, and doing all the crafty sewing/painting/altering/building for it. Having a store bought costume is no fun! Here are my costumes this year:

Little Pete (my brother is going as Artie) and Lamb Chop.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Single Stone Studios on etsy - This list might as well be "stuff I've favourited on etsy this week." I mean, the place is becoming my security blanket. Anywho, these guys have AMAZING vinyl wall decals, mostly but not limited to trees of various sizes and species, birds, chandeliers, and abstract shapes such as swirls and argyle. I have always wanted tree wallpaper, but I think that when I finally have my own place I'm going to get different vinyl trees for each room. Check out how dreamy the winter birches look:

Faux Pas to Fabulous - This blog feature on ModCloth is such a great idea. It's one thing to cringe at some very ugly outfits celebrities decide to don, but it's way more awesome to find the core of why they made that outfit decision and show where they took a wrong turn. Fashion psychology anyone? Read it here.

wool capes - Maybe it's the fall weather making a bit witchy, or the Victorian novel I'm reading, but I have been scouring racks for a perfect wool cape. It's not functional for everyday wear, so it would need to fall in the price range of "novelty item" in my budget, but it would be so warm and classy over a cocktail dress with a clutch in my hand as I'm going out in the evening. I can't decide whether I like the classic look of a vintage cape or the stylistic shaping of a modern cape:

Vintage nurse's cape from ebay, Cape of Good Hope from ModCloth.

Which would you choose?

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Becca Joy said...

I'm loving the dusty pinks also. For Halloween I kinda, sorta want to be a ninja turtle. I already have the costume so who knows? I agree, capes are classy and awesome!