Shop Update, Seymour, and a Treasury!

Last night I added the following ditties to my shop

brocadewiggledress1 blackboots1 coraldress2

Chartreuse and Blue Brocade Wiggle Dress, Black Leather Pixie Booties, Coral and White Day Dress

redhousedress1 blackpatternedskirt2 abstractshirt1

Red and White Housedress, Black Skirt with Abstract Pattern, Jane Colby Geometric Zip-Back Tee

I have some great hats that I was not very pleased with the pictures of, due to awful light. Blech. I may try to rephotograph them on Saturday. I also need to get crackin' on my jewelry store!

Here's my Seymour at my "new" "set":


And before they end, I am in an adorable treasury on etsy, Going on a Date by Oh My Ampersand!, please check it out.


Lisa said...

i recognize some of these pieces...why is alma getting rid of them?

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

oh, mr. seymour...what a cutie, and he loves the spotlight! you've got some great stuff here too, can't wait to check out your shop.

sarah louise walker said...

Usually he freezes up when gettin his picture taken, actually! And usually he's pretty bad at avoiding my shots, but it's my fault since I set up at his fave window.

Mamushka Marie said...

oh goodness you make me want to buy things! really really adorable additions. and what a cute cat!!