Wardrobe Remixes for 11.27.09 and 11.28.09


blue owl earrings - gifted
cowl neck sweater tunic - thrifted
black leggings - Target
grey socks - Target
brown combat boots - Target


lace collar necklace - made by me (identical one to appear in my jewelry shop tomorrow)
black longsleeve tee - Target
khaki shorts - thrifted
wool ribbed stockings - warmlegwear.com
beige oxfords - Aldo

Ah, fake pants. I am currently wearing leggings, and wore them Wednesday too. It's so lazy and almost gross, but they are warm and comfortable. I'm starting to hate jeans, if I may be perfectly honest. The kind of jeans I need to buy for my comfort and body type are so expensive (cough J Brand cough) so $10 leggings are looking good to me. I didn't wear jeans as a child- I was always worried my skin would get caught in the fly, haha. And they were so stiff. So I always wore either dresses, skirts, or leggings. Pretty much like now. I have come full circle.

And yes you read correctly in that second outfit's details; that necklace's twin will be in my jewelry shop! I've got the name, the banner, the photographs edited. I just gotta list everything, which I hope to do tomorrow along with a long-overdue shop update. I'm excited! I hope you all like the pieces I've been working on, I'm really proud of them.

And just another reminder, the sale in my shop is still going on!


kitschy said...

I love both of these outfits, Slu!

Claire said...

You are making me want to give leggings a try. Not sure the weather will be legging-able much longer here in Michigan, but I can always layer them under other pants until it warms up enough for cuteness to be priority #1 again.

Maria Confer said...

Love both looks. Your brown boots and lace collar are wonderful.


Leproust Vintage said...

I love your boots and oxfords! They both look adorable on you!