Wardrobe Remix for 12.01.09 and Some Treasuries


grey trapeze dress - H&M
navy boyfriend cardigan - thrifted
brown leather belt - thrifted
navy cabled stockings - Nordstrom Rack
brown leather pixie boots - thrifted

I feel like I wear this dress a lot for how much I claim to not like it very much. I guess it's versatile and the unflattering silhouette allows me to play a bit with belting and such. Also, let me tell you about these boots. I had the Stormy Weather boot from BC on my wishlist until I found them:

And, um, even though they don't have a wedge, they are perfect. Lovely as they are, my bad boys cost $76 less. Lately I've been having amazing thrifting luck with boots, too bad they are all brown. I am sadly lacking a pair of knee or calf length black boots. One day...

My latest treasury on etsy, Modern Cowgirl, ends in a few short hours so take a look at it and leave a comment! I am also in a rad treasury inspired by The Beat Generation by Hinterland Vintage and a Blondie-inspired one called Don't Leave Me Hanging On The Telephone by Archivia Vintage.

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Mamushka Marie said...

i love this look and those boots are amazing! <3