New Year, New Post

Sorry for the length delay, everyone. I was in Lawrence visiting my man from the 30th to the 3rd, so I wasn't able to post until today. I have three outfit pictures! First is from New Year's Eve:



black and white feathered hair comb - made by me
black slip dress - Rodarte for Target
black vertical striped stockings - Christmas present from dad's gf
black oxford heels - gift from Michael

These look a little janky cos of the flash and these were taken at the end of the evening so I wasn't very fresh. We didn't have time to snap a pic before because we were still cooking! Michael made penne with vodka sauce, and I made a salad, sauteed green beans and mushrooms in butter and dill, bruschetta, and a caramel pecan pie. Mmm.

I was at Target in Lawrence and they had the blue eyelet Rodarte dress I was eyeing! I was forlorn- I shouldn't buy two $40 dresses right? But I tried it on, anyway...luckily it didn't look as good as this one did. If it goes on sale (not holding my breath) I may pick it up. At least I know my size already.


01.02.10 detail

paper earrings - made by my friend Erin at Never Contented Things
floral shirt dress - H&M
black wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
grey military boots - Target

I wore this outfit Saturday, and Friday I actually wore the same dress but in the other colour. Yes, I bought both. I looove this dress, it's perfect. H&M has actually been really on point with their shirt dresses, there is another I saw the other day that I may have to return for. Also with this outfit I am wearing a gorgeous pair of wire and paper earrings made by my friend Erin at Never Contented Things - no store yet but soon! They are so delicate yet strong, and I love having the white leaves against my red hair.


01.03.10 detail

50s plaid junior dress - Arizona Trading Company
black wool stockings - warmlegwear.com
grey military boots - Target

I got this dress Saturday at Arizona Trading Company (I think it's the same as Crossroads) in Lawrence for a song and couldn't resist wearing it Sunday. It has pockets, too! Wowowow. I love the colour and the plaid and the Peter Pan collar...I could go on and on. It reminds me of this dress from Whitney, but the winterized version.

Overall the trip was good, as is every time I see my boyfriend. Lawrence is nice to visit cos it's a college town- all the amenities of the suburbs (Super Target, getting a ride everywhere, fast food row) and also that of a college town (quirky shops, vegetarian cuisine). Half the trip was spend cuddling inside and watching MST3K and Simpsons and the other half was shopping (mostly for party things), dining out, and seeing Up In The Air (highly recommended). Here is a pic of me and my gent (blurry but cute):



Resolutions and Goals for 2010

• Get up 15 minutes earlier every day (outfit photo + get together lunch + not have to run to the bus)
• Take outfit photos way more often (see previous)
• Update blog at least every other day
• Get a lot more stock for both my etsy stores
• Save money so I can go to L.A. in March and Boston/Salem in September or October with Michael
• Make solid, fashionable attempt to wear pants more often
• Only buy shoes that are durable, comfortable, and stylish
• Get rid of even more stuff
• Buy a better sewing machine and learn how to sew (this is not likely, but I'm still putting it on here)

I think that's it! What are your goals/resolutions, if you haven't blogged about it already? I'm hoping 2010 will be a great year!


Whitney Gifford said...

Oh my lawd we must have a lunch date or something of that sort if/when you're in Boston, please.

sarah louise walker said...

Way ahead of you, lady! I was hoping you could show us around and everythang. I am so bummed we haven't met in realsies yet!

Never Contented Things said...

They look wonderful on you!!

Leproust Vintage said...

All of these outfits are just too cute! I especially love the floral shirtdress paired with those boots and the plaid juniors dress!

You and your man are so adorable!

M. said...

I have the rodarte dress too, I love it! I love your tights you paired with the dress too!

lovelove, M.

Mamushka Marie said...

these are ALL gorgeous!