A Continuation of Michael's Visit

Thanks for the sweet comments on the last post! Sadly, he left Tuesday evening, but I've been so busy jumping back into work and such (watching Peep Show) that I have yet to post a few more photos. Michael wrote a proper recount on his blog which you can read here, since I doubt I could sum it up better than he. Anyway, some pictures!

Us before the ballet. I'm wearing my new hat I bought in Madison at Lou Rags Vintage & Vogue, a peach blouse from H&M, grey skirt from F21 (both purchased for the occasion), patterned stockings from Target, and silver ruffled t-straps from Payless. (By the way, I look tall but I am not. Michael is slouching and it's cos I have those shoes on. Seriously, I am pocket-sized!)

Before the Ballet

--scene missing--

Sunday, where I left off, we went to Yolk. Michael took this picture of me.


Then we ate way too much food...


Michael's album cover

Look at all that food!

Michael gazes longingly at the Loop from our El car:

Crossing the Bridge

Michael gazing at Chicago

I have some great posts for the next week or so coming up, as well as a shop update whenever I can shoot and some reviews for my Traveling Jerks blog! Busy busy! What are your weekend plans?


Alicia said...

Your ballet outfit is killing me; I love it! H&M always has wonderful vintage-inspired blouses.

I'd love to see a close-up of the hat!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Aw--you're a lovely, stylish couple!

I have the same tights.