Returning from Larryville

If you were wondering where I was the past week or so, I was in Lawrence, Kansas visiting my boyfriend. It was a much needed vacation from my oft-stressful life in Chicago and it was nice, as always, to spend time with Michael. The weather there was lovely in the 60s and 70s the entirety of the trip. So nice to enjoy soft wind, plenty of sun, and bare limbs.

I was particularly naughty this trip and bought a lot of things. None of which were particularly expensive, thankfully, but it was still a trial getting my suitcase shut yesterday! Friday, my first full day, we hit Mass Street, the main drag. First we went to the Antique Mall, one of my fave places where we can both wander for hours (and always do). I got the prettiest silvery gray straw hat with fake leaves and flowers that fits my head perfectly, a variety of golden buttons for a project, and a cute cotton 50s dress for the shop. We then hit up Wild Man Vintage, which is really affordable and I've gotten a sailor dress I love there last summer. The boy got a couple of shirts and a pair of 50s khakis that fit him wonderfully and were in amazing condition. I (finally) got a 50s ivory cardigan with white wheat beadwork and a floral cotton shift dress. I went back the next day to get a pair of red cork wedge sandals I was eyeing. We ended the evening with Mexican food, bowling, and drinking at a couple of local bars.

Saturday outfit:


lace earrings - coming soon to Branchbound
sunnies - Target
brown shirtdress - estate sale
nude crocheted stockings - Marshall's
tan t-strap wedges - DSW

Michael at Mirth

Slu at Mirth

Saturday Michael and I got breakfast at Mirth. We sat outside and it was delicious food. Since this was also on Mass St we decided to continue our sauntering from the day before (we had to stop as it got chilly and we were starving). That's when I bought the aforementioned shoes and another hat at another antique shop we'd never been in. It's a lovely dusty rose colour that matches my hair with a little feather in the front! I'm so lucky I can find these hats on my trips, since I don't like buying hats online and I can never find the kind I like in Chicago.

cat chocolate!

hedgehog and cat chocolate



We got some ice cream and walked to the park, where we watched animals and high school kids take their prom pictures. That night his friends BBQed for us and we chatted and watched tv/played Wii Golf. I love Wii Golf; I really want a Wii but can't justify buying one so in the meantime will just have to mooch! Michael also got this great drawing of him done by his friend Ramon:

Michael's Portrait

Michael poses with his likeness

He did one of me, too, but I wasn't able to pick it up before I left. I can't wait to get it! Sunday we just hung out, ate more Mexican food, and I watched the first two episodes of Twin Peaks! Yes, I've been under a rock and I had never seen it before. It's too early for me to have a solid opinion on it, but I enjoyed what I've watched so far.

Monday we went to Kansas City! It was really warm so I donned my new hat and dress:


straw topper - Lawrence Antique Mall
cotton 50s floral dress - Wild Man Vintage
tan t-strap wedges - DSW

04.19.10 detail

Getting up was kind of a pain in the ass, as Google gave us the wrong names for the exits, but we got there eventually. We went to a few vintage shops in Westport, but the only one of note was Donna's Dress Shop. It was perfect, I wish I could live there! I got a pair of 70s denim shorts that look like pin-up shorts and fit like a dream. Our last stop was in the downtown area; we visited the giant Antique Mall there. It's 4 stories! Michael got a mustard shirt and I *finally* got a mirrored vanity tray. I...haven't unpacked it yet, but they wrapped it well so I will assume it's still intact. I almost bought this PERFECT black straw boater hat with an "under bow" but it was $22.50...and I could not fathom spending more than $20 on a hat. Though I kind of wish I did. Dang.

Yesterday was more hanging out at Michael's place until I had to leave. I was so sad to go; this was my last visit to Lawrence! Michael moves here in a few short months finally. Still, saying goodbye to his apartment was hard, so many memories there. But I had some pretty dresses and a cute cat waiting for me when I got home, which softens to the blow.

Phew! What a long entry. What have I missed? How was your weekend?


lumikha said...

these pictures are awesome. and i agree, chicago can get a bit hectic. i hope you had fun and got some time to relax on your trip. btw, that drawing is hilarious. :)

lisa zain @etsy said...

cutest bangs!! especially with the straw topper. you are making me want to try them again even tho my hair has refused in the past. also.. can't wait to see the red cork wedges!! xo

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

The new dress and hat are very cute!


You two are SUCH a darling couple!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Love the new stuff you got! And the brown dress is adorable with those shoes!



Twitter @sabrinaholly

Chelsea said...

Both outfits are phenomenal! I love the floral and the hat is to die for.
Thanks for commenting on my w_r outfit. It's nice to meet you too. I will now add your blog to my blog roll.

Anonymous said...

Both outfits are sooo cute! and I love your shade of red, I totally miss mine now! ^,^

melina bee said...

oh you are too cute (both of you). I am loving nude shoes right now, and always loving red hair!
melina bee

Candice said...

Beautiful dress and hat! Those earrings definitely caught my attention.

I love your hair and your bangs look awesome!

Lauren Moyer said...

Everything about this post is amazing!