Wardrobe Remix for 04.26.10


green plaid shirt - Kohl's (I think, had it for years)
black denim skirt - thrifted
white belt - thrifted
nude stockings - Marshall's
saddle oxfords - BDG via eBay

I haven't taken an outfit photo all week because it's been SO. COLD. here, it's been windy and rainy and in the 50s (not that bad but with the rain and wind I'm freezing). I am protesting by wearing these nude tights a lot because I wish I had bare legs! Also, is it evident that I have been ogling Audrey Horne's wardrobe a lot? Maybe it's just the saddle oxfords. I want a tree cardigan!


Chelsea said...

I know! This weather is so crappy. I actually wore my winter coat, hat, and scarf yesterday. Bleck. I like you saddle shoes, they are fantastic.

Eli said...

love the saddle shoes, I've always wanted a pair but can never find one in my size!

Diana said...

ahh i want your shoes. vans has a similar pair i'm eyeing.

btw, you're cute.

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Great outfit! Love the saddle shoes!