Wardrobe Remix for 05.03.10


peach lace blouse - thrifted
denim jean shorts - thrifted
purple stockings - UO
leopard print ballet flats - Target
cat - Seymour

I'm not sure what to say about this outfit...I feel very meh about these photos. Seymour is cute, though! I guess something about how I'm sorry I've been so bad with the outfit posts, and updating in general. Between seeing my friend Erika before she moves to Mongolia for two years, looking for a new apartment, and planning my trip to New York City the weekend before I move, I gotta say I'm a bit stretched thin! Exciting things on the horizon, though, so I'm loving that.


In other news, the lovely Rachel at MouseVox Vintage is having a sale at her Etsy and eBay shops. 50% of the proceeds for the next two weeks will benefit victims of the flooding in Nashville. It's a noble cause, please check go here for more information!


Alyssa said...

Your blouse is so sweet. It reminds me of a cute little cupcake. :]

Purple Deer said...

SEYMOUR IS CUTE! And so are you and that blouse. The peach and lace...I'm such a sucker for both.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

This is a really cute look. I love the top and the purple tights. cute kitty :).

Chelsea said...

I love your leopard flats! I used to have a pair. I want another. They magically go with everything!

lumikha said...

loove that shirt! :)

Eli said...

eee your cat is so cute!

La fille d'or said...

THat top! and your kittie are both so adorable!

sarah louise said...

Thanks everyone, you are all so sweet. <3 I'm sure Seymour would thank you too if he could type/talk/read/wake up.