Another Branchbound Update and Happy Customers!

I've been stock-piling these gems and making more faster than I could update, so now you are getting flooded! That's okay, my poor little vintage shop is being abandoned until I do Vintage Heaven and see what's left. On that note, if you are eying something you should snatch it up now! It might be gone after the sale.

Anyway back to the jewelry! All lovely earrings (I had a comb listed but it sold already!):

Jia, Adair

Nila, Fiana

Aithley earrings in blush pink, Aithley earrings in brick red

What do you think of me modeling my creations? Yay or nay?

And, before I forget, Branchbound has two awesome blog reviews from happy customers!

InkedBubbles purchased the Lilyue necklace that was in my shop for so long. I'm glad it's so well loved!

Sasha from Astral Boutique had so many kind things to say about the custom dyed earrings I made her. Doesn't she look awesome in them?


DearBeatrice said...

Love the big ones at the top! ^.^

Chelsea said...

You make a great model for your lovely earrings. I especially like those pink feathery looking ones.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oooh, fabulous customer appreciation shot on those earrings!

Mamushka Marie said...

oooo all so pretty!

Rrriot-face said...

A. I like your red hair
B. I like your earrings
C. I like your tree tattoo
D. I like you blog :)