On Manhattan Isle

I got a million photos so I will keep the text short and sweet so I can have a big ole lovely photo dump over here! Hooray.

Firstly, these pictures are all from the Monday of trip except for these:

architecture plates

on the ground

in manhattan

Some weird little architecutre plates! I loved these. I discovered them while I was wandering around near Union Station while talking to Michael on the phone. I love little stuff like this that probably goes unnoticed by many.

Anyway the next day we did touristy stuff. Like go to Time Square:

media overload!


kara and slu in time square

slu and kara

dani being a dork

dani and kara in time square-a

Obligatory Radio City Music Hall photo:

Radio City


NBC! Oh yes. And I was a huge nerd in the gift shop, too:

being a nerd in the NBC storebeing a nerd in the NBC store

being a nerd in the NBC store

Who would actually buy this...?

who would buy this?

Rockefeller Center is a big-ass building so I just got a snap of the diving dude in the front:

The Rock

Capped off the sauntering my strolling down 5th ave and taking a peek at Bryant Park. Classiest bathroom ever, btw, there were flowers and classical music playing in there!

Bryant Park

Then we got pizza and bagels and flew home. Then I moved! I finally just got internet at my place too so I can finally start updating on a regular basis again. I have a lot of exciting things to share with you, too! Stay tuned...

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Jamie Creason said...

I just love NYC~ wow does this bring back memories! Thank you for sharing! Isn't the place just MASSIVE? All you have are buildings and a slice of sky at the top! So cool!