Summer Steppin'

Summer finally hit Chicago and the footwear fiend that I am is seeking out sandals. I've been looking at so many different kinds of styles this year, more adventurous than my usual tastes! I find myself drawn to cutout shapes, vintage-inspired styles, t-straps, feminine details, and colours beyond my standard gold for summer.

from Forever 21, Aldo, Payless, and Anthropologie


Meaghan Kelly said...

a) sweet footwear selections! I'm always so excited when sandal weather comes along and I can let my little feet see the sunlight for a little while!

b) in response to your comment inquiring about the drinks in my blogpost. The first one was just a makeshift sangria we threw together. White wine, orange juice, perrier, etc. And we put some fresh berries in for decoration.
The mint lemonade was a recipe I just grabbed off the web. I actually sadly didn't save the recipe. I'm horrible at that, but I've tried a couple of others since. Just google mint lemonade recipes and they generally turn out really well!

Darling L said...

Super cute sandals! My favourite are the first ones :)