Wardrobe Remix for 06.22.10


necklace - borrowed from Branchbound
green dress - AA
wedge sandals - thrifted

How long has it been since my last outfit post? A month? Wow! Here's my new photo wall. The paint colour is "fashion grey" and I love it! And the light in this apartment is insane since we are on the third floor. I didn't have to edit these photos at all! No more using bad light as an excuse for no photos hopefully. My apartment is still a mess so I had to shift some boxes and crap out of the way to take these, but soon enough it will be alright. This will also be the wall I'm gonna shoot my Etsy photos against.



I know my hair is totally 80s stockbroker with a touch of duck tail, but it's hot and I'm getting a haircut later so I just swept it all back. I felt really glamourous earlier but now I'm not sure if I can rock the no-fringe look. Thoughts?

Closeup of my hoofers for Jessica! ;)



Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

First of all, that color is GORGEOUS on you, I also looove the back of the dress! And, the wedges are super fancy. Now I see what you mean, long legs! ;)

Alicia said...

Oh, hello, gorgeous - you look stunning!

kitschy said...

we're wearing the same dress today! except mine is purple and i tied it over one shoulder! ;]

sarah louise said...

I tried doing that! My bra showed and I don't like having the big ties! :( How did you tie it exactly?

CrystaL* said...

Hello Beautiful! You should be a serious model. Love your outfit I am a huge fan of the color :)

Starr Crow said...

this color looks great on you, and i love the way the straps cross in the back. pretty tattoo too!

kitschy said...

i just made a big bow over one shoulder. though, i also wore a strapless bra, with one strap on (the bow was covering it.


The color of this dress really makes your hair color POP! You look so pretty.

HUzzah! Vintage said...

or, more specifically, "Etsy Gray"!