Easy Like Sunday...Afternoon


mixed metals beaded necklace - Old Navy
knit sweater dress - H&M
crocheted nude tights - Marshall's
Steve Madden Intyce boots - shoemall.com



I notice in Autumn and Winter I don't wear as many thrifted goods as I do in Spring and Summer. I guess since I'm colder I need pieces that have as little wear as possible. Of course I have a vintage coat or two, a few pairs of vintage boots, some cardigans and some wool skirts, but dresses such as this one are a little harder to find that aren't too big for my petite stature. It's kind of hard to hem a sweater dress! I got these boots last week with half of my Vintage Heaven profits (the rest went into savings, like a good girl). Everyone was giving me crap for buying a pair of $110 boots, but I own these boots in grey and I've worn them all last Winter, and I don't own any other boots in this cognac colour. I love these, they go with everything; skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings. I also re-bought this dress last night. See, Thursday I had a really bad day and after work I picked up this dress at H&M...and on the way home I accidentally left it on the train. On the way home, I thought, well I'm done. But this dress was inexpensive and cozy and it looks good with my hair so I luckily could afford to buy it twice. I'm glad I did.

Anyway, enough about my outfit. Today, I made Michael and I some French toast and then we took the bus to Fantasy Costumes, a gigantic costume shop in Chicago. We needed to find Michael a costume for my Halloween party next weekend. Luckily we got something for him, and at the Dollar store across the street I found the perfect adjustment for my costume. We then went to Target and Joann to get some other odds and ends, and then I made dinner. We watched some Quantum Leap and here I am, updating while the boy is doing his ablutions. Next up, Boardwalk Empire! Has anyone else seen that show? Anyone else watching regularly? I'm mourning the ending of Mad Men, but it's good to have another great period drama to watch Sunday night.

And finally, on the bus I downloaded a Retro Camera app for my android and I love it! Here's some snaps from throughout my day, I'm surprised at the quality! Maybe I can update my blog more, haha.


Kelly Lauren said...

you look SO cute. and don't feel bad about getting those same boots in a different color - if they are sturdy and comfortable and you love them, I think it's a great investment! they are adorable and your hair is just so gorgeous. love all the shots from your day with that fancy camera app!

Boyf has been wanting to get into boardwalk empire, I miss mad men so maybe we'll start that one out!

Trini Pellegrino said...

I must agree with Kelly Lauren. You look so cute with the new hair cut. It's so much lighter and fun and really seems to suit you.

Beatrice said...

there's nothing wrong with splurging on shoes so don't feel bad. They will last you longer so in the end it's worth it! and when their shoes start falling apart and yours are still good as new they will see. love this look! you look so cute and I loooooove the boots ^,^


You look so chic here. I'm loving your new haircut.

If there's one thing I'll never feel bad about splurging on, it's footwear. As Beatrice said, they will last longer. You get what you pay for with shoes. It's important that they're comfortable and the construction is such that you don't have to replace them in 6 months - 1 year because you decided to opt for something cheaper (in price and in quality).