Cheap Thrills

Rule of thumb, of course, is to invest in classic pieces that can be worn season after season. In general I agree with this, though I've been lucky enough to thrift some high quality pieces very inexpensively. Nevertheless, sometimes a girl finds a trend that really catches her eye or feels a few new pieces might perk up the existing ones in her closet. Being the natural bargain hunter I am, I've compiled a few goodies to spruce up your wardrobe while being kind to the ole wallet (everything here is $20 US or under!).

left to right... Curtain Tights from Hansel From Basel, $18; French Dots Slipper Socks from Sock Theory, $10; Bow Diggity Tee from Modcloth, $19.99; Fashion Chain Necklace from Old Navy, $14.50; Cheetah Print Oxfords from Forever 21, $19.80; Contrast Color And Metallic Striped Skirt from Forever 21, $17.80.

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Jenni said...

Love the thigh highs. Hansel and Basel always make good stuff.