Dracula's Pajama Party

Yipee, my Halloween post is only a day late! Forgive the quality of these pictures but they were taken at my Halloween party held Saturday night. I went as a Snow Queen, but a lot of people thought I was Tilda Swinton/the White Witch. Same thing, I suppose. I based the dress off of a Cecil Beaton photograph of his sister as a shooting star (my original idea) and styled it very John R. O'Neil a la Wizard Of Oz (see my jaunty crown?).

There is still some glitter in my hair and the whole costume left glitter all over my apartment. I expect my life to sparkle for the next few months.

My brother went as Captain Carl from PeeWee's Playhouse:

Michael went as a pilot again, Alma went as a house:

Erin went as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica and Phill went as Dorothy Valens from Blue Velvet:

Steve went as Columbo and Elise went as paint-by-numbers:

While I don't condone the deformation of a vintage dress (I'll just hope it was already ruined...), that vintage Jackie O mask is freaking terrifying:

My roommate, Kara, dancing to Twist And Shout as Ferris Bueller:

Andrew, who is not in a costume (boo) and Kacy as a Double Dare contestant:

Costumes I did not get photos of include AstroTurf, a cat lady, George Michael (from Arrested Development), and Death (from The Sandman). Highlights included starting a conga line to "Jumping The Line," watching Sleepy Hollow and The Shining on mute, all of us turning The Shining off mute at the end to watch it, lots of hugging and dancing and punch consumption. I gotta say, dancing with that staff was pretty sweet.

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! What did you dress up as? What did you do?


Anonymous said...

haha great costumes!! you look so cute!


Wow! Your costume is so pretty and so well executed. Well done, Slu!

alexkeller said...

love your crown :)
Phil cracked me up and ANdrew looks like my friend David ... who is moving to Chicago!

Kelly Lauren said...

your costume... A++! soooo good. loves it