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The day has finally come...my Heartsy deal is up! It's up today for VIPs and tomorrow for everyone else. After Friday this deal will not be available, and my vouchers could all sell out before then, so be sure to snatch one up soon if you are so inclined! It's good for 3 months and can be used towards shipping. You can even split it up for different purchases if you like. Use my referral link by clicking on the above graphic and you'll get $5 after your first voucher purchase, too!

I've been awful about updating the blog with all the new goodies over at Branchbound these days, here's a sampling (maybe you might want to use your voucher on one of these?):


Anonymous said...
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this is so exciting! and those little hats you've been making are the cutest.

Anonymous said...

This is all so pretty, and I missed the sale :( Boo!

strawberry moth said...

Gosh I'm so happy I found your blog! I linked to some of your lovely creations through one of my recent posts!
So much love for you and your lace lovelies!

Strawberry Moth

InkedSkinnyBubbles said...

Gee-it's been so long and I just realized I NEVER shared this with you :( Maybe I did on etsy? I don't know but anyhow-still luvn' the necklace hun. Cheers!!