Wardrobe Remix for 02.19.11


teal flower headband - factorygirlashli on Etsy
vintage dress - thrifted
navy sweater tights - TJ Maxx
silver flats - Target

I know, it's been approximately 850 years since I've done an outfit post. I've taken photos and never uploaded them. These would fall into the same pile except I forced myself to upload them.

Why? Well, many reasons. First of all, winter has me in a rut. I want to be comfortable so badly. I wear a sort of uniform most days, and I'm just bulked out in knits and layers. I'm too exhausted in the morning to take a photo, and I manage to dress even worse on my days off. What's the point if I don't leave the house?

Also, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend's sister attempted to dye my hair blonde. Suffice it to say, this didn't pan out (I'm telling my stylist, when I go back with my tail between my legs, that "we couldn't get the right blonde"). Oh well, blonde is tricky and I had two years' worth of red dye in my hair, it was going to be a pain in the ass. I dyed it golden brown, cried a lot, and miss my red hair. I feel old and ugly. I've just been feeling gross in general because winter drains me of my energy, due in part to hiking through the post-blizzard snow banks and working extra overtime at work. I've not been eating the healthiest and feel overweight. Basically, I feel ugly, old, and fat. So dressing well isn't really up there on my list of priorities right now.

Anyway, back to this outfit. Saturday the sun was shining, the snow on the ground was all gone, and even though it was chilly and I didn't have anywhere too special to go I thought I should pull myself together a little bit. I'm not sure about this dress, high neck styles aren't the best for me, but I wore the top 2 buttons unbuttoned the rest of the day and it looked fine. It was originally for the shop but when I saw how well it fit, Michael and I agreed it should stay in my closet for the time being. I adore the matching belt! I also sported this headband I got last winter in a trade with Ashli and I love the pop of colour it gives my outfit. I love wearing headbands with a pixie cut, too.

Michael and I left late in the day to Shangri-La Vintage located in Roscoe Village. It's small, but there's a decent amount of clothing there. Very well organized and very fairly priced. The man who runs it even puts measurements and flaws on the tag for you! I got a cute 60s sundress and Michael scored a vest, tie, and four vintage Playboy Magazines (two were $4 each, the other two only $2 each cos they were missing the centerfolds!). We wandered around a bit, had dinner at the Pick Me Up Cafe and went home to watch a film.





I'm sure you've heard of the blizzard that started on Tuesday night. Approximately 100,000,000 people were affected, myself included. Michael met me at work around 5 on Tuesday (we closed early, he had a guitar delivered to my store). Trying to hail a cab was difficult, as the first cabbie we found wouldn't go to Logan Square, but we got one. Trying to hail one the wind was 50-60 mph and almost knocked me down, and I couldn't see because I had ice flakes going into my eyes. After crawling up the Kennedy expressway we made it home safe.

However, my third floor apartment's windows were facing opposite the wind, and I was sure they would blow out. Not to mention there is a bare tree right outside the windows that were scraping and smacking against the glass, making it sound like there would be a zombie invasion. My roommate and I taped cardboard to the windows in case they broke and it looked (and still does) like this:

I was really upset at this point because as far as I knew I had to work on Wednesday and everyone I knew was off. In the middle of the night I heard the wind howling and the tree scraping the window and I was scared a window would blow out while I was at work and nobody would be home and Seymour would get hurt...

Yesterday I awoke to sun. There was still wind but it wasn't howling, and it was blowing the snow that was falling around. It seriously looked like a snow globe. The building I work in said stores didn't have to open if they didn't want to, and my boss said it was okay if I didn't open. I was so relieved! People I knew said the snow was up to their waists when they went outside.

I tried finding the beauty in it, after all I might never see so much snow again and it was so fresh. Here are some photos I snapped, makes the area around my home look like little toys.

I'm thankful that my power didn't go out, nobody I knew was hurt, and even though I feel kind of sick today I survived the blizzard of 2011!