Things I Love Thursday

iced coffee - Once the temperature begins to climb (even as mild as it has been in ole Chicago), my preferred early morning method of caffeination (which isn't a word apparently) gets put on ice. Dunkin Donuts is my favourite, and I'm pretty stoked there's one less than a block away from my house. I've begun to crave it at night, too, which may be a problem. But there's always decaf.
white wrist-length gloves - I've been obsessed with finding a pair. Vintage and thrift stores, if they even have any, are too dirty or long or small for my hands. I'm trying to think how functional they would serve in daily life...maybe I should get a grey or black pair instead to keep off the filth from the train and bus!
holding stuff out for animals to smell - Most of my life I have lived with at least one furry purry or woof-woof and because of this I spend a lot of time alone and bored with an also bored animal. Since they almost always stare at me while I use some device or apply something to my personage, I like to hold it in front of them for them to smell it. I get oddly satisfied when they smell it for a long period of time, and their "ewewew" faces are also pretty cute. Facts I have learned: Sophie, my English Springer Spaniel loves snot (and eats used tissues), Seymour (my British Shorthair Cat) likes to lick all kinds of plastic, and both prefer things with a chemical stink than things that smell fruity or floral.
Weeds - Netflix finally tossed season 4 disc 1 my way today, so I watched one before work. What a great show! It has the storyline and tension of a drama, but lighthearted enough of a comedy that I can watch it for hours straight (and have!). Brilliant. (By the way I am running out of television shows...)
eBay - If you are looking for something specific and mass-produced eBay is heaven! Things I have purchased from eBay in the last few months at a fraction of the cost it would have been in-store: memory card, cell phone case, hinged wallet, EZ Combs, American Apparel shirt, American Apparel tote bag, and disposable fountain pens. Free shipping on pretty much everything, too. And you know how much I hate paying for shipping by now right?

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