We here at Tzipporit Industries have decided to implement a new weekly feature in addition to TILT. As anyone who knows me IRL can vouch, I am an angry person and I hate a lot of things. This is how Things I Hate Tuesday is born. Yet, I, the eternal optimist, has decided to cap the hate at 3 items a week, since I am choosing not to accentuate the negative (unlike the name of my monthly column as editor-in-chief of the school rag).

"Plastic Bag" Sandals - Gladiator sandals are annoying enough, and I cannot express my incredulity at their reappearance this summer, but these sandals seriously look like you are wearing a plastic bag with toe holes. I saw them in many-a-store (these nasties are from ModCloth, Wet Seal, and Piperlime, respectively), but I actually have seen a few people wearing them over the course of the last few weeks. Isn't the point of sandals to make your feet feel and look cool in the summer heat, not trapped in a weird web of misshapen material?

And for the record, this is what people look like wearing them:

When I greet someone and they don't respond. I work in a retail job, and previously I worked in a gallery, both jobs that require me to say hello to everyone who comes inside. Most people reply back with a simple "Hello," some with a "How are you?" or questions pertaining to the business they are visiting. And a few people simply just do not hear me for whatever reason, which I shrug off. But there are people who, for some reason, I say "Hello" to, and they look me straight in the eye, unsmiling, mind you, and then look away. Don't they realize a mere smile or one syllable word is what is keeping them on that side of the RUDE line?

Paying for shipping - Now, I know I'm cheap as hell, so even the idea of paying for sales tax irritates me at times, but paying for shipping? That is obnoxious, especially if it's a chain like, say, Target. The only reason I am buying things off of the website instead of at such a store is because they do not keep things in stock! My trick - $50 gets you free shipping, right? Buy some stuff you can return to get up the the $50 mark, then return it once you get the items in. You get refunded for the item and the tax you paid for, so it's like you bought what you're keeping in the store. Now that's fabulously cheap. And don't even get me started on people who overcharge on etsy and ebay.


Michael Kaiser said...

That footwear has only cemented my distaste for sandals. The whole point of shoes is to hide the foot! Bare feet have no place in public society.

Whitney said...

I also have an insane distaste for gladiator sandals, and it makes me feel super guilty for secretly really, really wanting these: http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?prodId=185731

sarah louise walker said...

Heels aren't as annoying, somehow, though I'd still never wear them. And, seriously, those bag shoes make me almost warm to gladiators cos at least they are structured. Still, yucko.

Citizen Pioneer said...

Regarding the shoes, I think people are just running out of ideas.

Regarding the greetings: I KNOW! It takes so much for me to actually greet someone that it seems wasted when they don't respond, indeed when they make an effort to NOT respond!