Chicago Antique Market

Here is the long-awaited photo post from my jaunt at the Chicago Antique Market yesterday. I went with my friend Andrew, whom I hadn't seen in months, so it was a nice way to catch up and have some fun. The weather was cool and a bit windy, but it was sunny. It was mostly outdoors, except for the Indie Designer Market, so at least it didn't rain.

breakfast club

Andrew suggested we meet here for breakfast bright and early. Neither of us had been here before, but it was a nice walk to the Market from here so it worked out well. We had a nice leisurely chat while we ate, and boy did I eat! We both had omelettes; I had a bacon, avocado, and cream cheese omelette, with potatoes, toast and coffee. I was full for most of the day, yum.

Then we headed to the Market, starting with the Indie Designer Market. I wasn't too impressed and am saving my independent business budget for Renegade Craft Fair in nearly two weeks. Then we began to brave the booths outside. I was on a hunt for some vintage jewelry while Andrew was looking for chrome frames, possibly a bar and/or bar accessories.

There was a lot of vintage clothing, but nothing that blew me away- EXCEPT this pair of white leather ballerina lace-ups, but o cruel fate, they were just a little too small for me. Dag.

some stuff old books with cute covers

I never buy vintage books (or any books for that matter) but I love looking at their covers. I especially love the John R. O'Neill illustrations in the "Oz" books.

I began to take a shine to the vintage kitchenware after a while, but if I were to make my own vintage dishware collection I would have no idea which style I would go after! Would I like late 50s dreamy pastel glassware?

some dreamy, colorful hazy glassware

Or some sleek black, white, and gold Mad Men-esque mid-sixties bar glasses?

Mad Men drinking glasses

Any black and white, really.

bar glasses

Perhaps I should give in to my inner tickety-tack and indulge in some faux wood cuteness.

faux wood

The booth with my favourite dishware also had this old ladie's electric razor:

old electric razor


Anyway, since I was hunting for jewelry, I found a ton of it. So many booths with all different kinds. Mostly brooches, but lots of pendants, loose beads, rhinestones, feathers, fur...

some beads drawers of pendants

jewelry and vanity accessories

Look at all those amazing vanity accessories! Speaking of which, one thing I have always wanted and have never had is a vanity. I covet those other girls have, modern or vintage, though I prefer vintage. I'd love to have a seat before a mirror and a long space to put all my makeup, perfumes, salves, baubles, hair accessories, etc. Here are two vanities that my heart particularly ached for; a sleek vintage modern black and gold glass one and an ornate wooden white one.

minimal vanity my dream vanity

One day, my pretties, I will have a room big enough to house you. Le sigh. All in all, though, it was a semi-fruitful experience. I purchased one necklace and a charm for another necklace (I was looking for a tassel necklace and by the time I bought the charm it was all I had seen and then of course I found two tassel necklaces right after, but for just getting a charm I got the best deal):

gold, rhinestone, and pearl-drop necklace tassel charm

Chicago area friends, there is still one more Market weekend this season- September 26th and 27th. It's a great way to spend an afternoon (bring your student i.d. to pay only $5 to get in vs. $10), and the best place around I've seen to stock up on potato sacks.

potato sacks

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