Things I Hate Tuesday - 09.01.09

Happy September, everyone! I'm beginning the third month of updating this blog. I'm not sure what my readership is but I am updating a lot more than I was at this blog's conception so I'm hoping it's interesting enough for blogland.

Let's get to the hate!

the fact that shapeless sack dresses are still in - Sorry H&M free magazine, I don't buy the fact that tailored pieces are in this season, or the last 3 seasons you've said such things. The fact that stores are still stocking what is essentially a garbage bag for expectant mothers and women are buying them (They must be! Why else would they be around this long?) leads me to wonder why women buy unflattering clothes. If you have read TIHT for a while you know that most of the clothes I hate are just plain unflattering. I love interesting drapes and outfits that are part loose and part structured, but haphazard messes? No thanks, and women should say the same thing.

Urban Outfitter Bikes - Yes, you heard correctly. Ugh. Finally UO is combining the annoyingness of their hipster shoppers and the annoyingness of hipster bikers. It's a match made in heaven.

American Apparel's "Afrika" prints - The print being ugly is secondary to the fact that white people are paying so much money to wear them.

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