Things I Hate Tuesday - 08.18.09

people who say "I can't wait for fall!" - Since I am mostly friends with goth people, apparently, the very short period of actual warmth we have had in Chicago is apparently too much for their icy souls. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with everybody? You WANT to be cold?! Ahhhh! I don't get it. I love going out at night not wondering how many layers I need to wear, I like going to the beach, I like feeling cozy just walking to the bus stop. Fall clothes sound great, but when you realize that hey, these scarves and boots I just giggled about in anticipation will be adhered to my personage for the next ten months your soul will inevitably crumble. I know mine does.

harem pants - Oh ye gods, I don't know about you west/east coasters, but here in the midwest these babies luckily haven't caught on (so either they will next year, or not at all, time will tell). And with good reason- who could these possibly be flattering on? If they are ass-masking, they sure as hell make you look like you have the fattest legs in the world and it's okay since you have fitted ankles? Huh? They are pretty much jodhpurs if you take out everything cute about jodhpurs.

severe lack of petite vintage clothing - I am unfortunate in my love of vintage attire because I am short and do not have broad shoulders, but I have a moderately sized bosom/waist (somehow my ass usually isn't a problem). Everything that I find that fits me in terms of vintage clothing is too long, has really broad shoulders that make even simple sleeves look like poufy princess sleeves, or both. O how I wish that some vintage collector soul would dedicate a vintage store, even if it's just a webstore, to us gnomes. (Hint hint hint!)

Also, folks, I have a new layout here at tzipporit industries, let me know what you think. I liked the roundies but I liked the opportunity to post pictures wider than 400 pixels better. This layout also looks more modern somehow.

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Whitney Gifford said...

1. A boy I used to date when I was 16 and am now Facebook friends with posts about how great it is every time the weather is gloomy and gray and I want to punch him in the freaking face as hard as I can.

2. Similar to harem pants, I just for the first time yesterday saw a girl wearing drop-crotch pants in real life, and she just looked gross and sloppy like she didn't know how to dress herself. SO AWFUL.