Things I Love Thursday

Sorry blogiverse, I know it has been a while (a week is eons on these Intertubes). I was in Lawrence visiting my gent until Tuesday night (so the only thing I was hating Tuesday was leaving...and my wicked caffeine headache, but I digress). In general, though, I have a bunch of ideas for articles for this thing, and I'm going to try to be more diligent about writing them up. I often think of these things while in my hair/makeup zone-out time or riding the train/walking around zone-out time and then once I get to a computer it's all gone.

EZ Combs - I saw a woman on the train wearing one of these about a month ago and thought: Oh my god, how neat! It's like a comb and a snood combined! I debated asking her where she got it but didn't; luckily it turned up on a google search for "double combs" (which is also the name of a similar product. Basically you put one comb in your hair and stretch the other side around your loose/bunned/twisted hair, and ta-da. I have a glamourous hairdo in seconds, and thank god for these because my hair looks like shit down lately cos I need a haircut!

summer drinks - On the alcoholic side I have my constant companion- Vodka tonic, the sweet Tom Collins, and the delightful $3.99 Trader Joe's Vinho Verde Espiral. It's a Portuguese green wine- a white wine with immature ("green") grapes that give it a light yet dry taste, but sweeter than other dry whites. Normally I'm a sweet Reisling fan, but I am liking the taste of this with and without food. And at that price, why not? As for non-alcoholic, if you can get thineself to a Sonic, please drink a Cherry Limeade for me.

my shows, my precious shows - Now that I am finally all caught up with Weeds, and it seems it should be ending its 5th season in a few weeks, I am running out of things to watch...and just in time! August 16 is the premiere of Mad Men's third season, the 20th is the premiere of Project Runway's sixth season, and a hop, skip and a jump away on September 17th is the premiere of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's fifth season. Good thing I renewed my Rapidshare account!

assembling furniture - While in Lawrence I talked my guy into getting a desk, and then I promptly (well over the course of two days, but not my fault) put the entire thing together. And, as far as I know, it has not collapsed so I think I did a pretty good job IIMSSM. Also, since I am in a tiny tiny bedroom I have wall shelves all over, and I put them all up myself- and again, no collapsing, whoopie. I recently bought myself an electric drill/screwdriver and am itching for more things to put together. Know anyone in need of a handybird? By the way if you share my love, or at least a passing fancy, in furniture construction you must read one of my fave blogs, ikea hacker, hours of entertainment and good ideas.

free stuff - Who doesn't love free stuff? I've been haunting Allure because of their month of free giveaways, and just poked the head in at Bionic Beauty for the first time today and got some coupons for freebies. Also my Seattle's Best Coffee coupon for a free cookie is burning a hole in my bag. Man, I'm hungry.

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