Things I Love Thursday - 08.27.09

mochas - This cold weather has me craving these bad. I suppose since it's basically a hot chocolate with more caffeine, and god is it perfect with soy milk and no whip. Makes me tempted to get an espresso machine.

erica-knit's chunky knit cowl - Pattern available here. What an easy knit, and fun to be using giant needles (pattern calls for 17s but I am using 15s) and thick and quick in a nice Chartreuse.

getting a haircut - Oh man, I need one so badly. Especially cos your hair grows faster in the summer. Where do you look for ideas on cuts to bring to the stylist?

modern beehive - Speaking of hair, shown above are persephassa and hannah karina from flickr, sporting their modern beehives. It's not as cartoony as a 60s one (or Amy Winehouse) but adds a nice lift to the crown. I tried it myself last night; do I look stupid or can I pull it off?

sassy beehive

weekends off - What to do, what to do! I never know what to do with myself when I have two days in a row off work. I'm such a busy bee I feel I should make the most of it.

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