Worst Products I've Ever Tried

In honour of Things I Hate Tuesday, I'm publishing this article I've been thinking about for a while. May add to it as my attempts at consumerism continue to disappoint me, and I know I have stuff missing from this list.

TRESemme No Frizz Shine Spray - I try to support TRESemme as much as possible because they do not test on animals and that means a lot to me. This product did up the shine in my hair immediately and with just a few sprays all over, I will give it that much. But this product does absolutely nothing for frizz control. I used this product on my hair before and after I straightened it on a misty day and by the time I got to work I had Botticelli curls all over. Disappointing.

Purely Cosmetics - I feel bad writing this, as I like to support independent businesses. And keep in mind my skin is horrible- with acne scars, uneven texture, mild rosacea, and it is sensitive and acne-prone. But their foundation made me break out immediately and while it provided decent coverage it also caked very much, everywhere. It sunk into my tiny under-eye wrinkles and enlarged them dramatically. By the end of the day I was pooling in oil and my entire face was burning, waiting to be washed off. It made me sad, since their makeup is hailed as being best for sensitive skin since it had "no bismuth, talc, micronized minerals, and other skin irritants." Perhaps their eye-makeup is worth trying, as most reviews of that brand online hailed it, which I probably should have heeded a bit more.

Moom - This was another product I was very eager to try since I heard mostly good things about it; good for sensitive skin and completely organic. I don't mind waxing but hate paying for it, and needing to shave very often gets tiresome. I tried this on my bikini area first and not only did it not get much hair off but it bruised my skin! I gave it a second try a few days later on my arm. It got a little of the hair off, but not much that time, either. Luckily it didn't bruise, but both times I did get red bumps (that didn't surprise me, however, but did add to my annoyance with this product as I was already short with it). I guess it's back to blades for me!

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer - Again, my skin is horrible. And I haven't tried this product in a while, maybe it would work better now, who knows. But I'm willing to bet it won't. Aveeno pretty much sucks in general. For being "organic" their products sure have a lot of ingredients. Almost everything, even the stuff for sensitive skin, still has fragrance in it, and they test on animals. Yuck. That being said, this did absolutely nothing to "calm" the red in my face.

Preparation H as under-eye cream - This may be another product where I didn't use it long enough to see results (I did it for about a week), but I would think this is one of those things where you are supposed to see immediate results. I didn't notice any difference with my under-eye circles or tightening of the skin.

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