plucking my eyebrows - It would always take 20+ minutes, and sometimes span over two days because I couldn't handle the pain. I tried icing, I tried a hot cloth; neither worked. It always made my nose run and I would sneeze. Fuck that shit. Get them waxed.

the post office - I think only once have I ever had an employee at the post office I usually go to not be rude, or at least cold with me for no reason. Granted, if I worked in a post office I'd be pretty sour, too, but dang. I just use the automated post office, but half the time the features they give me make me choose the wrong thing and I don't find out until 3 days later when my package returns to me. It better not happen this time.

overly air-conditioned buildings - I'm all for cooling down when it's hot, but most of the buildings I have been in have been kept around 65 degrees and it has been a pretty mild summer here in Chicago. I am dressed for the weather, so if I am wearing something sleeveless outside I don't like wishing I had a sweater inside. Work is the worst, though- being stuck in a small shop where the cold air recirculates for 9 hours. I know I mentioned this a few entries ago, but this is what I think about 30+ hours a week at my job.

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