Things I Love Thursday - 08.06.09

Target's Odell flats - Now, these are not the most versatile shoes in the world, and I don't even know if the patent ones are waterproof (then again some of my only waterproof shoes anymore are cheap patent flats) BUT they are so comfortable, cheap, and come in a million colors/styles. I have a black pair I wear all the time, and I just bought a Bronze pair. They're only $13 so you can buy flats in any color you've ever felt your shoe repertoire was missing. They have no arch support, though, as do pretty much every flat ever, so get some insoles. See the full list on the Target.com website here

suburbia - There are some things I love about the suburbs that I just don't get from living in a big city, and took for granted until I moved to Chicago. I never want to live in the suburbs I think, unless it's a tolerable one like Oak Park or Evanston. But I do love the following: being driven everywhere, drive-through fast food (Taco Bell!), Chili's (I love fake Mexican Food), chains like Target and Walmart. Pretty much, I love being a fat American for a few days.

wearing my boyfriend's boxers and t-shirts - Even though I have my own boxers and t-shirts, there's something about wearing his that makes it so much more cuddly.

going backless - You know it's summer when you can bare it all and you are nice and comfortable. It's nice feeling the sun on my back in my low-backed swimsuit or feeling extremely sexy out at night in a backless dress. It's hard for me to pull off because I have bigger boobs, but if it's fitted enough and if I wear my bra that's just cups it works out just fine. (I always thought my back was my best feature!)

a well-organized bag - I'm going to do an entry about purse-organization soon, but between having a new, better structured purse and packing for Lawrence all week it certainly makes life much better.

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