I was a bit apprehensive about this trend at first. When I started seeing it last spring, it mostly showed its face in too-short neon dress form. Instead of me thinking neo-'40s! I thought '80s hooker! But now that fall wardrobe is all over the place and peplum is still here I am finally able to see it in its classier form, and I am starting to develop a bit of a crush.

To preface, I have never tried on any peplum clothing myself. However, as a short, top-heavy girl who wants everything super fitted except around my lower stomach, this style seems ideal. I think that, since it's tailored but not allover snug, this is a style that I can imagine looking good on every body type. It's certainly a welcome change of draping to the pregnant-looking sloppy empire waist on so many shirts!

To begin, here are a few finds with a classic '40s vibe. Some of these are vintage (but from the '70s and '80s), and the newer items really adhere to the neutral/tailored variety.

Peplum Knit Skirt. $13.80, Forever 21.

Vintage EMMA Tan Black Peplum Dress. $40, brownbagvintage on etsy.

Vintage 1970s Mustard Autumnal Boater Dress. $45, greatestfriend on etsy.

Austin Reed Plaid Peplum Jacket. $169, amazon.com

What follows are some modern takes on the peplum silhouette. I like the unconventional colours/patterns and neat little details, such as the bows, buttons and pleating that make these look fresh.

Geometric Vintage Crescent Moon Dress. $32, lovesmenot on etsy.

Polaire Vest. $118, Anthropologie.

Cafe Peplum Sweater. $34, Forever 21.

Tie Front Sweater Dress. $32, Forever 21.

There were even more peplum styles on various garments I found; from subtle curves on a jacket to a long, exaggeratedly draped skirt. They are everywhere now, and since you are bound to find something in this cut in your price range and style be sure to look around.

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Citizen said...

That tie front sweater dress is AMAZING.