Anna Sui for Target

Sorry, dear blog! I have been abusing you terribly, but it is not my fault. Since the last time I wrote my boyfriend visited, and the entire time I have had severe stomach problems and toothaches. Now, a week later, my tooth problems have gotten worse and don't appear to be getting better any time soon. The pain is distracting and between work and everything else typing entries up for this are kicked to the curb.

BUT I am taking a brief moment away from yowling like a wounded animal to share with you Anna Sui's collection for Target.

I saw the collection online a few days ago, and today when I went to Target to get my medications I got to see a lot of these pieces in person. I actually bought myself a pity treat, this shirt:

The black! The lace! The slightly sailor-ish collar! Be still my heart.

Here are my favourite items in the collection.


There were a lot of black dresses, and I was fond of the blue a lot, too. I was not as into the brown/orange dresses in the collection, I felt they were too bohemian chic for me. I like the classic/tailored/quirky look of these, and the mod-ness of the grey and black one.


I am so in love with the colours in this collection- all the grey, black, and ivory. I think that will be my colour palatte for fall and winter. Anyway, these blouses perfectly fall into my colour tastes, as well as other things I love: brocade patterns, ruffles, lace detailing, sailor collars, ties, and- twee as it is- I adore the bird! I would have purchased that shirt but it was not as fitted as I'd like, and also I tuck in most of my tops so I was afraid the bird would be cut off. I may go back and try on that ivory and gold blouse, though.

Things I didn't like:

Some of the shirts were really ugly or really boring (cute but not worthy of the collection/price). The two pairs of pants they had (they aren't on the website anymore) were pretty uninspired as well. But overall the colours, fabrics, and more tailored pieces have me melting and wanting more (and more money). Next time you see yourself at Target check the collection out!

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