Things I Hate Tuesday - 09.08.09

summer ending - Technically I have until September 21st, but Labor Day is pretty much the final nail in the coffin. We barely had a summer in Chicago, such bullshit. I'm grateful for the four (four!) times I was able to go to the beach, and will keep my summer dresses in rotation as long as I can bear. R.I.P. Summer 2k9.

peep-toe boots - Since summer is ending, one would think I could finally kiss peep-toes goodbye, right? I hate peeptoe shoes, personally, and get sick of seeing a flat I like and then realize, dammit, it's a peep-toe. I find them incredibly uncomfortable and as my boyfriend has said "it doesn't look like they finished the shoe." But these are 1000x worse. The functionality of the boot is nil because of these INFERNAL PEEP-TOES. They just look so messy and trashy. Again, like the sandals I posted a while back, they are like garbage bags with toe holes.

lack of rain flats - Yes, more shoes. This comes from the impending flood on the 10-day forecast leaving me scurrying the internet for warm/wet weather footwear alternatives to boots. Unless I get Crocs Prima (and believe me, I've considered it in my darkest hour, but they are so damn uncomfortable and hard to size that they really have nothing going for them) it's been really difficult. I'll be sure to post on here if I find anything suitable, however, still got my fingers crossed.

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