Things I Love Thursday - 09.10.09

Renegade Craft Fair - Saturday and Sunday in Chicago is the Renegade Craft Fair! It's pretty much like walking through Etsy if it was more selective and in Wicker Park. A lot of things I do not buy, but it's great for getting ideas and picking up cards for possible holiday purchases. I realized a week ago that this will be my fourth year going to Renegade. In 2006 I didn't purchase anything, in 2007 I bought this ring from Lucky Loo Loo, and last year Michael bought both of us some cute stationary from 16 Sparrows. Check out the official website here.

The Violet Hour - I hate promoting this place even though it's the best bar in Chicago because I like how tucked away it is (or was). This place is perfect- expertly crafted cocktails in a classy and divine setting, very dim, perfect for groups or an intimate date. Just look at the menu! Yum. If that doesn't persuade you, check out the inside:

fashism.com - Fashism is my new guilty pleasure; it's like Hot Or Not but with clothing. I love voting on good or bad outfits, and offering up advice. The only problem I have with it is it isn't updated too often (but I guess that's a good thing cos I'd waste too much time on there otherwise).

the little black vest - It's not exactly the same as the dress, seeing as how it's almost more accessory than apparel, but the plain black fitted vest looks perfect, on any body type and with any outfit.

Melissa Shoes - These Brazilian-made plastic/vinyl sustainable shoes are conceived by a variety of famous footwear designers including Vivienne Westwood, Zaha Hadid, and J. Maskrey. They are unfortunately out of my price range, but just barely so I may invest in a pair on sale. They look like they would be uncomfortable but they are surprisingly very, very comfortable, based on the flats and heels I have tried on. When I can find an excuse to I will definitely be getting a pair of These Vivienne Westwood designed t-straps:

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